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    Does anyone know if the new TS is available with Right side blade tilt?

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    Tim--read this month's American Woodworker---as to why not a right tilt.


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      Safety First - I read an article about the benefits of a right tilt (referencing Norm)
      but I do not see any real advantage.


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        Tim all RIDGID table saws are only available in Left Tilt.



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          Left tilt saws have an advantage in ripping. Right tilt have an advantage in crosscut, particularly if using a sliding table. If one did a lot of bevel crosscuts using a miter gauge, seems the path of least resistance would be to use the right miter slot.

          Curious, what benefit was mentioned in regards to Norm?



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            Dave, I copied this Q & A from the new yankee web site..
            Tools & Accessories
            I thought I had finally decided on which table saw would fulfill my dreams only to find out the I need help. Left or right tilting arbor?


            The left tilting saws are particularly useful to the cabinet shop operators who need to cut laminates without chipping. Most woodworkers like us will use a standard right tilting arbor.


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              Tim--I think the answer is interesting--thanks for sharing it. As to most cabinet shops using a right tilt---he's probably right---not because it's safer, but for a long time, right tilt was the standard, and these cabinet saws last an awefully long time . By the same token---I've seen Norm make some ill-advised cuts, with the blade pointed towards the fence, and him pushing stock through---potential for trapped stock and those teeth pointing towards push stick or fingers

              Dave A. makes some good points about bevel crosscuts and a good solution.

              Think it may have been Craftsman (Emerson), with their home table saws, that started the trend towards left tilt. In any event, you will find more and more manfacturers offering left tilt, as well as Emerson staying with that configureation.


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                "Most woodworkers like us will use a standard right tilting arbor"

                Not a very substantive answer, is it?

                Following on to Dave's comments, notice that more and more companies are moving to a left tilting offering (Delta's Unisaw, Jet's new whatever-they-are-gonna-call-it hybrid). But the left tilt companies like Ridgid and Powermatic, don't seem to be rushing to bring out a right tilt. Hmmmm.... [img]smile.gif[/img]

                The only obnoxiousity of a left tilt saw in non-bevel use has to do with the arbor flange being on the left side. This means that when you change blade widths (as in a dado), you invalidate your fence cursor. I don't know anyone who runs so many dadoes as for that to be a problem, but there you go.

                (for the purposes of this post, please assume "obnoxiousity" is a word. )


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                  Isn't making up your own words part of the Bill of Rights?