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    Ive owned the HF lathe for 2 years now. I got it from the HF store in nashville for 179.99. All I have to say is WOW! The thing is a work horse. I have done small to big and it has kept up every step of the way. To my understanding it is the same lathe JET uses only difference is the bed isnt ground to the same specifications.

    If it cant be cut,shaped,sanded or finished I dont wanna hear about it.


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      As I mentioned in my post above. It's the same as ones from Griz, Yorkcraft and two or three off-brand suppliers, not Jet. The Jet is made in Taiwan according to the nameplate attached to the lathe, the HF is from China. It's a very good clone, from a company called Planet Machinery, their model MC900.



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        I have the Ridgid lathe and its probably the only Ridgid tool that does not keep up with the others. It has performed for the light turning I have done so far, desk legs, bowls, pens, and the baseball bat that is not quite finished yet. It does the job, it just does not offer the flexibility of a more expensive model like the Delta that I think I would go with next.

        Here's my conclusion, if this will be one of the few tools in your workshop (a lot of pepople keep themselves busy just with turning), I would go for the Delta or similar. If it is in support of your furniture making and few projects actually use turned pieces, it is ok (I have no experience with Harbor Freight products). It's price allows you the extra cash to spend on good turning tools, sharpening equipment and a good chuck.

        $149 is a good price, and it is already delivered so I would go with it.