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Changing knives on my Ridgid Jointer jp0610

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  • Changing knives on my Ridgid Jointer jp0610

    Hi all,

    I have not used my jointer much but this weekend I was tuning it to make sure it was ready to be used.

    I went through the manual and made sure everything is nice and aligned. I even bought some tools to help me set things up. A very accurate 24” straightedge guaranteed to be .001 accurate along the entire length. I also bough a set of engineers squares to be accurate to .00006, dial indicator and so on…

    I setup everything but the knives. I checked the knives with my straightedge and dial indicator and they seam to be right out of the factory.

    So at this point I am ready to test, so I jointed one of the sides and it came out very nice,… I might need I bit more practice to have the edge be complete square …

    The problem is that when I went to joint one of the (long) sides, it seam to chatter a bit, don’t know if this is normal, since this is my first time jointing, but at the end there are two ridges on the board.
    I didn’t get any snips but the ridges show a bit of tear.

    So the question I have is if I had to change the knives, what techniques to follow, how hard is it to do and what are the things to pay attention to?

    Anything I should be prepared for as I adjust the jackscrews?

    Some people use a jointer jig to set the knives, but most people that have bought them they regret it, saying they are very inaccurate and they are actually get in the way.

    I wish I can say I an return it, but I bought my jointer a while back I just never used it, and know that I started to use it, I find I right away might need to change the knives.

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    Re: Changing knives on my Ridgid Jointer jp0610

    How much are you taking off in one pass? You might be trying to take off too much?
    Still enjoying all 10 fingers!


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      Re: Changing knives on my Ridgid Jointer jp0610

      I have my jointer set to 1/32".


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        Re: Changing knives on my Ridgid Jointer jp0610

        olilugo: Two things come to mind--1. Did you check the height of the knives in relation to the back (outfeed) table? With your straightedge on the back table slowly turn the belt or pulley (make sure the jointer is UNPLUGGED) by hand and the knives should just barely touch the straightedge. Almost to the point it misses. 2. When you jointed the long side and got the chatter, did the grain of the wood taper down towards the infeed table or the outfeed? It should be towards the infeed. HTH Jim