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bostitch vs p.c.

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  • bostitch vs p.c.

    hi, new here to this forum, i've been to lowes and h.d. looking at their air nail combos, 3 guns and compressor, any advice which has the better product, bostitch or p.c.? thanks for any help tony.........

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    Re: bostitch vs p.c.

    You will find a lot of help on this forum, I have for certain. Sadly from me the most likely help you'll get is the kind I'm about to give---answering a question you didn't ask

    I just got the ridgid stapler and my friend got a ridgid finish gun. Both are very, VERY nice and stand out. I did see the three gun set with pivot screwdriver bonus for $199 on clearance at a local HD. That said I would also recommend the senco set. I love my 1 gallon compressor.

    PC VS bostich. I'm no help.
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      Re: bostitch vs p.c.

      got it, thanks


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        Re: bostitch vs p.c.

        I own both Bostich and Porter Cable nailers and find them to be fairly equal as far as quality goes. Quite honestly I've never really had any kind of difficulties with either one.

        If the kits you're looking at have a 15 gauge nailer as part of the package you might want to lean more towards the PC set. The PC gun will accept more different brands of nails than the Bostitch. As I understand it, the Bostitch 15ga angle nailer has a slightly different angle to the magazine than other guns and finding nails to fit it can sometimes be a problem.
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          Re: bostitch vs p.c.

          I have half a dozen or so Porter-Cable nailers and I am very happy with all of them. I would recommend them without hesitation.

          As for 15Ga finish nailers, most use a "DA" style nail where as the Bostitch uses an "FN" style - something to keep in mind when shopping for fasteners.

          I don't buy many Dewalt tools, but I have a Dewalt D51275K 15Ga. finish nailer that I am very pleased with. It's light, powerful, and very well built.

          A few years ago, I did a simple test of a Bostitch BT200K-2 and Porter-Cable BN200A 18Ga 2" brad nailer side by side. I noticed that with the same compressor set up, shooting into solid oak and maple, the PC drove nails with more power, consistency , and less recoil than the Bostitch. The Bostitch is ~3/4 lb. lighter than the PC, which probably explains the recoil. Overall I like the PC line of nailers.