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  • dust collection ducting

    I am installing a dust cyclone collection system and am wondering where I can purchase 6 inch sewer and drain pipe (white preferrably). I am in Minnesota and have only been able to locate green through McMaster Carr. Any one in MN (Twin Cities area) have any other sources they have used?


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    Re: dust collection ducting

    out here i purchase the 6'' white "sdr 35" at an irrigation supply house. also a good plumbing supply will be able to get it for you. last time i purchased it, it ran approx. $3.00 a foot.

    the sdr35 is slightly thinner than regular sch. 40 pipe. it is a solvent glue material and the fittings are strong and have a sweep. it's also approved for underground outdoor sewers.

    stay away from the cheep, junk styrene pipe and fittings.


    ps. mcmaster carr has everything, but you pay a price
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      Re: dust collection ducting

      Try calling one or more of the Plumbing Wholesalers in your area. If you can find one that supplies pipe to excavating contractors who install septic systems they may have it. I don't know if they still allow the use of the thinner wall PVC S&D pipe anymore but a few years back you could use it from the septic tank out to the drain field.
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