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  • Considering Buying a 3612 TS

    Greetings to all. I am considering buying a 3612, but would like some feedback on two issues I saw on other forums:

    1. A guy stated that his miter slot is very sloppy, and others confirmed. Is this so?

    2. That the 3612 is the same saw as a current Craftsman model, but the Sears is cheaper.

    Appreciate any help, because out of 3 HDepots in my area, no one can help, and I can't find a saw even half way set up.

    Any body in Sacto, CA who would like to give me a demo? Thanx for feedback.

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    Yours is the first that I have read about any slop in the 3612 miter slot. I have the 2424 and it is fine. To answer your second question, the Craftsman saw is not the same as the Ridgid. Emerson tool no longer makes the Craftsman saws. Dave


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      Richard, 3612 and all Ridgid mitre slots are a hair under 3/4".
      The manufacturing specs are:
      Mitre Bar Slot .752 Max .745 Min
      Mitre Bar .737 Min .740 Max"
      There's no slop with the stock gauge or with any of the other accessories that I've used.
      As DaveM states, Ridge Tool haven't made product for Sears for a number of years. The TS's you see at Sears are Chinese/Taiwan clones.


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        No slop in any of the 3612's slots that I've seen...none in my 2424 either. The Sears saws are made by Ryobi to their specs...fooled me too as they look alike. Must not be any law against design similarity.
        Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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          My 3612 is a great saw, with no apparent slop on the miter slots.

          But the persistent posting/concern about the 3/4 inch wide slots are that Ridgid makes the slots "exact" (if there were such a thing) and the rail on the miter gauge a hair under (since there does need to be a difference or it wouldn't slide), and that some of the other brands make the rails "exactly" 3/4 inch, and the slots slightly wide. This is consistent with the specs listed above.

          That means that a Ridgid miter gauge would have slop if used on some other tools, and (for example) a Delta Tenon jig needs to have the bar rubbed down slightly to work with Ridgid. Since I made my own tenon jig, I haven't faced that problem, but the posts I have read suggest that the difference is so small that it is a very easy fix.


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            Sounds like you've gotten some bad info. Yes, the slot size difference, between brands, will drive you crazy at first, but you'll figure it out---never had a slop problem---BTW---if you upgrade miter gauges, Incra, at least, has adjustment for a great fit in the Rigid.

            Think the reason the Sears saws look similar is that some of the designs/features are either out of patent coverage or Sears/Emerson jointly hold patents on some of the features---such as the little plastic insert, where you can mark kerf width.


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              Thanx for the info. I am still trying to find a saw to see. I think I have a buyer for my direct drive Crafstman, and that will clear the way for a new saw.

              This seems to be a great forum, so I will keep my eyes on it.

              Thank you for the help. I really appreciate experienced folks helping me out.


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                Well, I sold my Craftsman direct drive, and bought the 3612 today. Had to be patient with the HD folks though.

                So tomorrow I will start the unpacking and reading of the assembly stuff.

                Any advice on this phase would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.


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                  Just read the book, take your time and enjoy! Make some sawdust.


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                    Congrats on the 3612 purchase! Let us know how you like it once you get it set up! Dave [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                      Congrats also, it is a great tool! You can use the search feature and look up TS3612 assembly issues. The main recurring thread is the adjustment of the Hercu-lift. Believe the instructions on the adjustment of bolts/nuts holding the side pieces to the leg brackets- just on far enough for a thread or two to come out of the nut. Adjust the feet as directed and you will skate around the shop when desired and stand fast when needed.


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                        Thank you. I will be opening the boxes tonight.

                        BTW, HD delivered the saw, without the rails. My wife was home, and I warned her. She even noticed that the saw box had a note that 2 boxes were required.

                        Luckily, HD made it right within a couple of hours.