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Molding on a Router Table(?)

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  • Molding on a Router Table(?)

    Does anyone have experience and/or comments about using molding bits on a router table? I'm looking at something like this set from Holbren. I have the Bosch 1617EVS 2ΒΌ hp router, and I'm wondering how it would handle a hefty molding bit...

    - djb

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    Re: Molding on a Router Table(?)

    I have one router designated for my table and its a 3hp, never bogs down. I looked at those bits and there not taking off too much material, so I don't see any problem there, but if your router starts to bog down, then you'll have to make a few more passes taking off less material at a time. Keeping your bits sharp and clean helps the routing process go so much easier too.
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