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1290 LZ sliding miter saw

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  • 1290 LZ sliding miter saw

    Dust collector does not pick up saw dust on my 12inch sliding miter saw. It looks like something is missing because the pick up chute is way above the discharge from the blade. Even with the bag on it never collected any dust. It is the ridgid 1290LZ1. Help me get rid of the dust. Thanks

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    Re: 1290 LZ sliding miter saw

    With my saws, all of them, I try to use them out side, I have Ridgid 12", Craftsman 10", and Ryobi 10". All 3 of them shoots dust everywhere, bag stinks, they help a little, wet/dry vac helps a little more then bags. Over all its a mess so I try to go outside even in the winter. I did rig up an over head dust collection, vac., hose, and a rectangle cardboard box, but that meant I had to have 2 vacs. running at the same time, and that was just to loud, but it did help. So out side I go, it doesn't bother me too much. Can you post a picture of your problem?
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      Re: 1290 LZ sliding miter saw

      The dust bag also does not do much on my 1290, It Looks good but is
      basicaly useless. ....same for my Craftsman and B&D

      I don't bother me, I like sawdust showers, makes me feel like
      a wood worker!