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Frustration over the TS3612

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    This is a line of discussion that keeps poping up over and over again and I have experienced some of the same frustrations. Jake, I know HD is a big portion of Emerson's bread and butter, but is anything ever going to be done to help improve the situation? I love your tools, but many times it is so much easier to buy another brand. Though your customer service is awesome, I can't help thinking that you are losing possible sales by poor representation and marketing.


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      Jake--despite all the venting, we do appreciate you being here, and a great resource in this forum. I think the key point people should realize is that, when making this saw, for Sears, the basic saw was a good one. Emerson/Rigid, rather than figuring out a way to make it cheaper, have sought ways to constantly improve the product. That's a rare approach these days.

      Of course, trying to convince HD that they're doing something wrong, will be even harder, since the billion dollar profit mark was just hit this last quarter--now up with Walmart's record.

      Made a quick trip there yesterday---of course, no 3612 yet. I went there for nothing more than a half-sheet of any 1/4" cabinet grade plywood---not only didn't have what I needed, but looking at their wood---geesh! Most of it was barely fit for firewood, and yet done the aisles, people were gleefully loading up carts with the most knarly, twisted lumber you'd want to see.

      Point being, I wouldn't count on HD to do anything right.


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        It seems to me that we could be helpfull to each other If those who have seen this saw in stock at a particular store give the stores location. I will start if off with the Mesquite Tx store has 2 units as of 8/15/02. I will let you know if I see any others being that I normally go to several different stores a week. The reason why most stores do not carry the newer saw is because new ones will only be ordered when the old stock runs out. I would suggest you by past the toolcrib employee and go directly to the store manager. Being this is a high dollar item he would more likely to order it for you are search area stores for one. Lets face it HD doesn't sell many of the saws on a day to day basis.


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          I was in the HD In Gainesville Fl today to get some other items, W A L A H !!!!! there as the elusive 3612 setting next to the 2424. I was shocked but did take a few minutes to look it over. If id did not have a great saw (2412) I would have bought the 3612 TODAY !! The extra Right side, fench and cast web wings.. N I C E !!
          But if I had bought it my better half would have granted me an instant DEATH SENTANCE. As she is wel aware of whay has been spent in the last 4 months on my toys/ tools. Those of you can get this DO IT and enjoy.. Docdick


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            JAKE< My offer still stand to get the HD in NE Fla in line and clean up the RIDGID AREAS as they still look BAD !! as you are loosing sales
            E-Mail me. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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              I went to one HD in Sunnyvale, and I had to help the guy move over merchandize off the 2424 in order to take a look at it.

              That table saw sure can hold lots of other products that Home Depot is selling!

              - Jimmy


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                If it were me someone would be taking turns even from way up the chain of command even the CEO or President would be dropping in unannounced from store to store all over the country & look at the display & who ever was at fault if it is a Rigid employee they may or may not have a job & someone would replace them if need be & the word would be put out what is being done. If it is a HD problem the CEO or President of HD would see me so much he would either change the way things are going or quit. If it's HD & I had a chance at the top man I'd like to talk to him. I've worked in this industry at one time if I didn't take care of the displays I wouldn't have had a job. Honestly I didn't like dealing with some of the public but I still did a good job until I could find better work.
                Use safety devices or you may not need gloves.


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                  I saw it!!!!
                  Zake got back to me and said that he had arranged for a 3612 to be built and put on display a local HD by this Friday. I just happened to be at the HD today and there was the Ridgid Rep putting to together the TS3612.

                  Guys she is beauty!

                  The Ridgid Rep was about 1 hour into what he figured to be a 3 hour job so I could get a real good look at each part before they were stuck together. By the way he said it would take me about 5 hours to put the saw together. I hope he said that because that is how long it takes the first time and not because I looked like an idiot.

                  First the Fence and rails are redone. On the old fence there was a warning to push the fence forward before locking to insure a parallel fit. On the new fence there is no warning and from looking at it from all angles it looks like as you push the paddle down the fence automatically is forced parallel and then the the front and back locks engage.

                  Reading the scale on the fence is so much easier with the new magnifying indexes, plus there are two one for right and one for left of blade.

                  The micro adjust seems to be a really great idea, I wasn't able to use it as the rails and fence weren't mounted yet but from what I have seen of other attempts this is by far the best.

                  The rear trunnion adjuster is fantastic. Talking to the rep he assured me I would probably not need it since the saw is so well aligned coming out of the factory.

                  The zero clearance insert is really neat and slick. It adjusts more ways than the regular insert.

                  Let me now give a big thank you to Zake. Guys he came through! He contacted me by E-mail and arranged for a machine to put together to be seen. He is the perfect definition of customer service. Again thanks Zake!!!!!!!!

                  Did I buy it? No not yet I also found out that starting Friday HD is giving 10% off the first purchase of a newly opened charge card account Friday through Labor Day. Guess who is getting a HD charge card Friday. Let's see I will save about $60 Maybe a dust collector for the TS and a flip top. Or a new freud saw blade, or maybe a few zero clearance inserts, or ... you get the idea!!! Come on Friday!!!!
                  Rev Ed


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                    Glad to hear you finally got to see the saw (wish I could ). Buying it Friday?---better not wimp out Seriously, knowing the basic saw, you won't be disappointed. BTW---as I remember putting mine together---make sure you have a good straight edge, some scrap wood and a rubber/soft mallet, for aligning the wings. Also don't forget, the motor bracket needs to pivot freely , the mistake most of us have made.

                    We expect a full report. Enjoy


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                      That's great! Glad you finally got to see one.

                      Also, good report and, like Dave, I hope you'll post when you get yours home.


                      Thanks,<br />Schmian


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                        Gosh- after reading this thread, and talking to a few folks, I feel *Lucky*! We have a brand new H-D across from my office, (and 6-1/2 minutes from home)that has the 3612 on display, although when I asked the clerk about it, he didn't have a clue. I asked another question, and he said, "You know more about it than I do"; I said, Gee, mebbe they ought to give me your job!
                        I also go the 10% discount couplon and 6 mo. same as cash flyer in the mail yesterday, so this weekend.. I'll own a new saw!Are they still offering any 'Freebies' with it? Like a zero clearance or dust port?
                        (Besides, if I have trouble with it, I *know* Dave Arbuckle, so he can come fix it! )


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                          Great to see that you finally got a saw that you are going to be happy with. You have been looking a long time, but I am sure that you will like the TS3612. I got my 2424 last December, but I really like the fence on the TS3612. I enjoy working with my saw...but I am a little envious of the 3612.

                          I am going to take advantage of the 10% off sale to get a new Ridgid jointer and save about $50. Great idea!!


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                            Thanks, Jamie! I haven't been this excited since... since.. uhh well, since I got to meet Dave A. at IWF !
                            I'm sorta glad I need the saw, because my next choice was between the jointer and bandsaw.. and I really couldn't decide!
                            Hopefully, H-D will run this special again at Xmas! (Give SWMBO the card and the SKU!)


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                              Doug, I thought for sure I had you talked into the Format4...



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                                Does anyone have a copy of the 10% discount they could scan and e-mail?