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Frustration over the TS3612

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  • Frustration over the TS3612

    I live in Tampa and there are 5 Home Depot's within driving range of my home and none have a new 3612 setup so I can see it. A few stores have them in stock, however no one in any of these stores knew that they were in. I had to search the racks myself to see if they were in. All are up on overheads and no one knows if or when one might be put together for my inspection.

    The Ridgid display is in shambles, with stuff piled atop the machines and dust an inch thick. I'm frustrated if this is how the TS3612 are going to be marketed maybe I need to scratch them off my list.

    Someone mentioned factory Reps, Compared to Dewalt, Makita, Ryobi or Delta factory reps Ridgids reps appear to be completely in the dark. In most HD when is see a competing Factory Rep they are straightening, dusting and insuring their display is in place. They have good product knowledge and are willing to help. I have never found a Ridgid rep doing any work with a display and quite frankly their displays look it. I have talked to Ridgid factory reps and they know less than I do about their products. When asked about the 3612 their answer was, "your quess is as good as mine." What is that?????????

    Ridgid said they are moving their manufacturing out of the country to save money. I know where they can start saving money and they don't have to move a thing. Get rid of the factory reps or else get some that want to work.

    Can anyone tell I'm frustrated?
    Rev Ed

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    RevEd---while I agree with most of what you're saying/frustration, what, in the name of sawdust, does display condition/marketing have to do with the quality of a table saw? Granted, I wouldn't hold my breath regarding HD aftermarket support, but between this forum and Rigid's customer service, don't think you'd ever go wanting.

    What's so funny is that with all these stories of frustrated buyers, chomping at the bit, to buy the 3612--but no display models----HD will probably turn around and complain about low Rigid sales figures


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      Display does not effect quality, however I'm trying to decide between the TS2424 and the TS3612. The 2424 comes with some nice add ons which the 3612 doesn't. I want to see the changes to the 3612 and decide which is the better way to go.

      Let us not lose sight of the real problem and that is why aren't Ridgid reps insuring their products get the attention within the stores like the Dewalt, Ryobi, Black and Decker reps do?
      Rev Ed


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        Rev Ed,
        I know seeing them in person is what you want and others' opinions, while helpful, is not the same as seeing for yourself. That said, I have looked at the 2424 and 3612, though not side by side, and can say without a doubt I would choose the 3612. I am saving up my money now I had hoped to find a 2424 on "close-out" since the 3612 was coming out, but, after seeing the 3612 I don't think I would buy a 2424 on close-out even if it saved a couple hundred $$$. Why? I like the new fence design and the greater right-of-blade rip capacity. Accessories? Would definitely want the dust collector but can live without miter hold-down and dado insert (which is 7" if memory serves correctly, I'd buy an 8" dado set so the 7" would be useless). The 3612 has the zero clearance insert which I would buy or make for either saw. I had to see it in person myself because I did not think I would like the new fence locking handle ... I do like it. So I understand the frustration and I can't spend your money for you. Just my opinion that I would go with the 3612 after comparing them.
        My Shop


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          RevEd---totally agree on Rigid Reps, at least as far as the net result--but that's not going to get you a saw. Problem is, in order to compare the two, from what I've heard, you're going to have to have perfect timing----2424 still at one store with the 3612 up at another. They simply aren't allowing the floor space for both.

          From all I've heard thus far, have to agree with Alan. If the new fence and longer rails, are half as good as everyone is saying, you'll thank yourself for getting the 3612. I've always pointed out that the weakest feature on the 2424 was the fence. Messing around with or constanly checking a fence isn't my idea of woodworking. So, as to value, to me, a good fence outweighs the other extras.


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            Have you spoken to either the Tool Department Manager, or the Store Manager, at those stores.

            Around here, the floor help means well, but they don't have a big picture of anything. Management is where these decisions can be made. I've spoken to the Managers of three Home Depots in my area, and they have all been sharp, will to listen, and strongly interested in a happy customer. Problem is, they cannot pay attention to the whole store in great detail, and stationary tools are really a specialty item.



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              Please drop me a line via email



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       a recent EX Home Depot store manager..I can say my Ridgid rep did an excellent job! I do however understand your frustration. I paid a bit more attention to my tool displays not only because it made good business sense, but also I own a 2424 and am a woodworking wannabe myself. Space allocation is a constant struggle in the big boxes, and Depot has not done a good job at handling clearance products well. We just never had enough space! Then to top it off, they screwed up by keeping the same sku which only adds confusion to the tool center employees. Now they must find precious space for two! If you'd like to drop me a email i know most of the store managers there, will make a call or two and see if I can get your displays set up.


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                  Rev Ed Boy---talk about getting some juice---Between Jake and ECoke, you've got no excuse not to get the saw


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                    I gotta agree with RevEd, I have called 6 Home Depots around the Bay Area in Northern California and none can give me a straight answer. Over half of the stored I called didn't know what I was referring to. I called one HD, and the did help search for the unit in nearby stores, and said that there were some. When I called the stored directly, they could not tell me if there are any in stock. Also, it was impossible to get a price. One of the stores had the SKU number pointing to both the TS2424 and the TS3612.

                    Anyone from around the Bay Area in CA, and have seen one in a nearby HD ?

                    Anyone know how much does the TS3612 go for?? Inquiring minds want to know....

                    - Jimmy


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                      Jake and Ecoke I have sent you both e-mails, waiting for my next step.
                      Thanks in advance for any help you can give me
                      I really do appreciate it.
                      Rev Ed


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                        Jimmy---don't know how much travel you want to do, but the Napa store had the 3612 half-way put together week before last. Price same as the 2424---$597.00


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                          Jimmy --
                          Phone calls don't work. I found mine by looking in the racks myself at the Sacramento Sunrise store. I stopped by on a whim last Friday after talking to the tool corral guy on the phone, who didn't know anything about a TS3612!

                          Put it together over the weekend, and did the first serious work with it tonight. It is a fine tool.
                          Tony<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                            Let me apologize, in advance, for the length of this post...

                            I've been following all the discussions about the TS3612 with great interest.
                            First, I'd like to say that I'm unimpressed with Emerson's/Home Depot's attempts to get the saw out to stores and to be made available for customers to view, let alone purchase.
                            However, I've also been swayed with the reviews posted by woodworkers who have gone to HD's and personally hunted amongst the aisles and racks to find items that store personnel were unable/unwilling to find.
                            Glowing reports on the quality of the machines, an apparent willingness by Emerson to listen to customer improvement wishes, and the inclusion of nice features as standard equipment have me still interested in a TS3612 when the time comes for my TS purchase.

                            Now here's the reason for my post; it's time for Emerson/Ridgid to get serious about addressing its' customers concerns about availability, shipping and price.
                            From the posts in this forum, it appears that the quality of the machine is very good; therefore, Jake, as a production manager, I think that you are not the correct person to address these issues. Emerson's marketing department and/or customer service group (do they exist?) need to jump on this issue without delay. Putting some information and answering the questions on this forum would be a small start. Next, they need to address the perceived problems concerning their product reps. The frustrations conveyed on this forum site should be taken as a sign of things that are going on all over the country; and to me, it seems like Emerson/Home Depot have a BIG problem (in fact, this isn't the only Internet woodworking forum on which Emerson is starting to be questioned.. the problem is growing).

                            However, and finally, if it is part of Emerson's strategy to alienate and frustrate customers at Home Depot stores (in an attempt to do what?), i'd request that Emerson keep us advised of that, as well.

                            Jake, a little information from Emerson would go a long way.
                            Thanks,<br />Schmian


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                              I'd also like some information. Yesterday, I went to my local Home Depot again, and again no one knew where or what the TS3612 was. That's my third and final trip to find this product. There is another woodworking supply store right near the Home Depot where I can pick up a Delta contractor saw without delay.

                              I am going to wait a couple more days, because I really like what I am hearing about the TS3612. I'm going to watch this forum to see if Ridgid responds by the end of this week. If not, I'm going with the Delta.

                              What else can I do?

                              [ 08-21-2002, 03:06 PM: Message edited by: Matthew Schenker ]