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Just bought a Ridgid Belt/Spindle sander

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  • Just bought a Ridgid Belt/Spindle sander

    I decided to rush out and buy one of Ridgids belt/spindle sanders before the old stock was all gone. Lifetime warranty vs 3 year warranty on the new model. Ridgid sure have an innovative product with this sander. Its so easy to swtich from belt to spindle and the dust collection works very well. I haven't had a real chance to put it to the test yet, but my preliminary trials have been very positive.

    I wonder why other companies don't have similar combination products available.

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    I bought one too, and as you said, I haven't had a chance to use it either!! Boy we sure needed that didn't we! LOL
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      I've had mine for a couple years. If it weren't for the lifetime warrantee I'd buy another for a spare. I use this thing all the time. I can't see why someone would buy the less versitile Delta or Jet etc., except for having to deal with Home Despot!!!
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