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Dust Collector reco: Jet DC 650 Vs Delta AP400K

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  • Dust Collector reco: Jet DC 650 Vs Delta AP400K


    Does any one use the JET DC 650 or Delta AP 400 Dustcollectors? I would appreciate your opinions on these (or others just to confuse me!) Both are 650 CFM DC's available with free shipping at Jet is $199 and Delta is $169 with free accessory kit including hose and connectors.

    My requirements are:

    1. Dust collection for one tool at a time, don't mind rolling the dust collector from tool to tool. At this point the *only* tool that I can hook up a dust collector is my 3612. (no jointer or planer, but I do see Santa getting them to me in the next 2-3 years)

    2. value for money..

    3. Under $300.


    1. Jet DC 650

    2. Delta AP 400K

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    Of the two the Delta is the best choice. The fittings alone would cost quite a bit. The Jet is a used machine, the add says 3 new and used starting at $199. I have a 2hp grizzly that includes a seperator, making it 2 stage. Had it for about 2 years now and it is great. One down side to the Delta is the 30 micron bag will allow light dust to pass through, wouldn't be too bad if set up outside the shop. Grizzly has 5 micron bag @ $239
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      What did you end up buying? I am in a similar situation. Hoping to leverage from your experience.


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        Take a look at the Harbor Freight DC. Have had one for several months now and use it along the same lines as what you've proposed and love it. More CFM than what you're looking at and you save enough to buy some .5 micron bags. Follow the link. The machine is currently on sale.
        Harbor Freight Model DC Item 45378-3VGA


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          Thanks for input.
          How do you rate your Harbor for following items:
          1. Ease of dust bag removal/assembly
          2. Can bag be changed to a canister accessory
          3. Is it quite (enough) ?
          4. Motor life?

          I know a similar capacity/size Grizzly or Jet will cost 2x. But if this DC life is half that of a Jet - it is a different matter altogether. I like to 5 micron idea but worry about the durability.

          What is a reasonable life expectation for a DC?

          Anybody want to share their experience?...... Ones who have been wood workers for many years/decades .......(maybe)