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TS3612 fence alignment question

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  • TS3612 fence alignment question

    I can't seem to get my fence parallel to my blade and mitre slot. When I ajust the fence a few inches away from the blade, it is dead on. As soon as I move it a few more inches away, the back end of the fence starts to move towrds the blade, which I hear can be dangerous.
    I've read the manual about using shims, but am confused as to where to place them. Has any one had and solved this problem?

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    Lay a straight edge along the front of the table and extension wings. It's possible that your extensions are out of square. Also check the back. the rails are aluminum and can be pulled out an 1/8" easily which would do what you describe. 9also what my problem was)


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      You're right, the extension is not square and is pulling the back rail out of alignment. I've tries putting the supplied shims in several different combinations and loacations with no luck. Am I missing something here? Should it be this difficult?


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        I have not had this problem first hand and do not have a Ridgid tablesaw but Most are the same so this may help.

        1) I would put a straight edge over your wings first to make sure they are flat and not bowed. Bowing may cause your problem depending on how bad it is.

        2) It's not out of hte ordinary to have to shim cast iron wings. Just did it for my saw I assembled 3 days ago and table is as flat as humanly possible. I was instructed by store I purrchased saw from to put a piece of paper in between saw and wing toward the top or bottom. He told me that usually 1 - 3 pieces of paper usually do it. I just tore off a very small piece maybe 3/4 of a centimeter by 1 inch. and loosened the nuts on wing and slid mine in top part of wing. 1 paper width shim did it for me.

        *** If your wing goes down, place the shim on the bottom part of saw. ******

        Give this a try, I hope it helps.



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          SUCCESS!!! You were all correct. I took both extensions off and then tried them out on each side of the main table. As it turns out, I swoped them from their orignals positions and this helped out immensely. I only had to put one shim in the back rail and the fence now locka anywhere on the rails to within +/- .001" accuracy.