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    Just bought a Jet JDP-17MF drill press. It is great! Bigger, heavier, more powerful, etc than Ridgid and cheaper to boot. I have some Ridgid tools including a 3650 saw, but their drill press is expensive for what it offers. Other than being able to walk into any HD and pick one up, I am not sure why anyone would buy the Ridgid....

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    Originally posted by tonyz:
    ....cheaper to boot.....
    Where can I get a Jet JDP-17MF for less than, $280??

    When I was looking for drill presses, I Didnt want to spend $400 on one. $300 was my max budget. My first choice was a Grizzly Bench top 14" for $235 (with shipping). Because the price was so close, I also looked at the Delta DP400 for $299 and the Ridgid DP1550 for $280. I was leaning towards the Delta, but decided to shop for some marked down Ridgids since the older Emerson models were being discontinued. I ran across a DP1550 that was marked down to $190. Couldnt pass that deal.

    I have a Jet contractors saw and 14" CS bandsaw. I love the Jet equipment. If I could have gotten the Jet for >$300 I would have. I'll agree that the Jet DP is certainly a more capable machine than the Ridgid. But the best price I could find for the Jet was $400. For wookworking the Ridgid is all I need. But again, if I can get the Jet for less than $280, I'd take it.

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      Originally posted by Darrell:
      Where can I get a Jet JDP-17MF for less than, $280??[/QB][/QUOTE]
      I wondered the same thing myself. Maybe he got it used.
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        I paid $249 for my DP1550. Best price on one I could find at the time!
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          Last time I looked at HD at the Ridgid I remember it being $329. Maybe my HD or could be my faulty memory. Either way, I only paid $320 for the Jet. Even if $280 is the current price for the Ridgid, the added cost of the Jet feels like $40 well spent.


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            For as long as I remember the Ridgid has sold for $280. One of my local HD was selling new discontinued model DP1550's for $230. I picked up the floor model at this store for $190.

            Again, where did you buy? and where can I buy a new Jet DP-17MF for $320 USD? This should at least be shared with others. Did the $320 include shipping? Or can it be had local somewhere?

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