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    Thanks to all for input on the BS1400. Though today I got my decision..... Yesterday I saw an add from HD showing the BS1400 for $349. Today I went in to get a hands on look at the local HD. I was surely disappointed. The BS1400 is packaged with absolutely no accessories (not even a cheap miter), and like most others today its made in China. That pretty much cinched the Grizzly for me. There GS3019 is $315 +$55 shipping and handling but comes with a miter, fence and circle cutting attachment. When you consider a fence attachment will cost $70+ alone, its a much better deal. Not to mention that Grizzly has gotten great reviews by both Wood and Popular Woodworking. Considering this Ridgid has missed the mark!

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    So for $21 worth of cheap made in China accessories you decided to buy a made in China bandsaw and passed on a chance to buy a made in China bandsaw that was offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty? Another smart shopper heard from.
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      CJ. Most bandsaws do not come with a fence or mitre. And most all tools are manufactured in china with the rare exception of porter cable and select few others. Can't compete with slave labor. As for the mitre / rip fence, I don't know why myself, but it's a fact. Unless you're stepping into the 700 dollar range, it is what it is. If those are your only 2 concerns, I would not discard the saw. I haven't any opinions on grizzly.

      Good luck


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        I have the BS1400, and love it.
        I don't think you can find a better deal when you concider the lifetime warrenty.
        Rarely use a miter with it, but when I do the orginal one that came with my table saw works great ( I bought an Incra for the table saw, great miter).
        As far as the fence goes, I made a new table top for my bandsaw, bigger, with T-tack, and a store bought fence wouldn't fit any way so I made my own fence.
        Just received the riser unit, and as soon as I can get a longer blade I will install that.
        I don't think you can get a better deal than the Ridgid for the money.


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          Ridgid's lifetime warranty seems to be questionable if you read UOWoody's post. If Ridgid is no longer providing the service they were know for than what good is it? UOWoody had all kinds of problems getting his bs fixed and still has problems. Those $21 worth of accessories seems more appealing than Ridgid's questionable lifetime warranty. And yes I do own several Ridgid products (TS2424 & JP0610).


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            At this point, the warranty really isn't the problem. They probably still stand behind the warranty. The real problem is the "Service Centers", "Customer Service", the lengthy resolve time along with the "Availability" of the parts.

            If those 4 items would return to the Ridgid Normal pre this change, I'm sure the warranty would not be an issue.

            For what's it worth, Spend the extra 60 bucks and go with the G0555. You'll be glad you did!
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              I agree with John. Get the G0555 model from Grizzly. Not only do you get the accessories, you also get a saw with a one horse power motor, which in my opinion, is the BS1400's weak point.

              If customer service is your only concern, I wouldn't be too concerned. I do believe that Ridgid will get their customer service problems straigtened out soon. Not that I know any inside information or anything, but situations like this are not unusual when making a major change like they did. It just takes time to get fixed.



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                I would disagree with getting the Grizzly. I looked at both Grizzly and Ridgid. Price: I was able to negotiate a lower price, below $299 at my local HD for the BS1400. HD is also discounting (50%) the fence and riser block accesories so I was able to save there as well. Bottom line, when you include shipping with Grizzly's deal, b/c I was able to get a better price going with Ridgid. Talk to the folks at HD, they're looking to move out the old line BS1400 that don't have the orange.

                Performance: The reviews I read gave Ridgid a better rating for tension that the others in their price range and otherwise was consistent with Grizzly.

                Service: I haven't had any problems with service from Ridgid. If anything they've bent over backwards for my issues. Bottom line is you need to go with what you are comfortable with but everyone has different experiences with companies and their level of service.

                Good luck


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                  I have a few Ridgid products in my shop and I have had no second thoughts about them. I to have been treated A-OK for service (minimal requirement). Get what "YOU" are comfortable with,because if you don't, you'll gripe and complain about the items until they are replaced. Rick, The Rad Realist.