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3650 setup and potential

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  • 3650 setup and potential

    Hey guys. I've been running around this forum for a while now. I'm really looking hard at the 3650. I guess I have a couple of questions I was hoping you could answer.

    #1: Is the 3650 good enough/accurate to make cabinetry? I want to buy a saw that a few years down the road (as my knowledge and ability increase) that I want to redo my kitchen cabinets. I don't want to buy a saw that will last me until I want to move up, not because I have to based on limitations. Do any of you that have made cabinets with your 3650 have any pics? It would sure give me some confidence in my purchase.

    #2: Are there any specific upgrades that you think need to happen that will make a big impact (does it need a new fence or will it be good for most things?/figured I'd upgrade the miter guage sooner than later). Others? I know I'd seen a couple of things in other threads, ZCI, but I figured I'd ask again.

    #3: I've read some stuff on router table extensions and I wasn't sure how it had worked out on the Ridgid. I'd like to put a good one in if at all possible.

    Any help on this would be fantastic. Gotta say this site has been great for me. Convinced me to buy the Ridgid 16 gal stainless vac. Best $150 I've ever spent. My wife loves me for that purchase. It's got as much power as those car vaccumns.

    Anyway. Thanks again and looking forward to being a part of the forum.


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    Re: 3650 setup and potential

    I have built several things, including cabinets with my 3650. There are a lot more that goes into than just the table saw though. A router is very important for shaping the wood, and a jointer and planer are important for squaring the stock.
    That being said a cabinet saw is probably a better saw, but I have never been "limited" by my Ridgid 3650.
    As far as router table extensions, there are several aftermarket one that will fit. Or you can make your own. RPrice54 has a details description of how he did it posted somewhere on here. I have done that as well, just don't have any pics yet.
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      Re: 3650 setup and potential

      The 3650 is ideal for cabinet making, IMO. The 36" rip capacity really shines when cutting the panels.

      Amazon has the Incra V27 miter guage on sale now for ~$40 shipped. It's an excellent miter guage and this is the lowest price I've seen.

      As for a router extension, here's mine. It's a Woodpecker custom table with a Woodpecker Quicklift. The table could be shop made easily.

      Click image for larger version

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        Re: 3650 setup and potential

        I agree with KenM, unless you are concidering a cabinet business, the 3650 is ideal. I have made 2 cupboard cabinets for our laundry room, no pics tho, I'm still in the process of making panels for the doors, going with stained glass.
        As dlgdoo mentioned, there's more than just a saw used for cabinetry. The tools mentioned can also be used for other projects. A ZCI is highly recommended for cleaner cuts and a high quality blade should be your first upgrades. I still use the OEM miter and fence, although I am concidering a better miter guage.

        Here is a box made from oak with a 4" square tile on the top. Although it's not a cabinet, you can make some accurate cuts. I also have a joiner and planer and used them for the box.

        Hope this helps and I'm sure others will reply with their suggestions. Look forward to some pics of your work.
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