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Need Help2: Ridgid 13" Planer vs others

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  • Need Help2: Ridgid 13" Planer vs others

    My preference is the Ridgid over the Delta, Jet and Dewalt. My second choice is the Dewalt. Has anyone made this comparison lately?

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    Hey Whiffus!
    I am a small , one horse shop so I research the equipment I buy, thoroughly before investing my cash. I did all the inquiries I could and opted for the Ridgid.
    Powerful enough to run several hundred feet of material through at a single running, wider than most, easier to use, double blades that are economical to replace, etc..
    It has been performing in my shop for over a year without a hitch. I would recommend connecting a dust collection system to it for anti clog purposes.
    Oh yeah! Watch out for the blades. They cut flesh REAL easy.
    Good luck [img]tongue.gif[/img]


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      whiffus - I actually bought the Delta 560 first and was very dissatisfied with the quality of fit/finish as well as the quality of the cut. I took it back to Lowes and then bought the Ridgid. Two things you'll notice immediately - the additional 20 lbs of the Ridgid helps stabilize the planer - and the ability to set the planing thickness. The latter is a feature that you will not be able to live without if you use it very often. Just imagine this - you're planing boards for a project and get them all down to the thickness you want... and then remember you need to plane 1 or two more boards. With the Delta you'd have to constantly check the thickness (and possibly take too much off!). With the Ridgid, just select the final thickness you want and plane away! Doesn't sound very important, but trust me, it is! Buy the Ridgid - you won't be sorry.


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        whiffus....I posted the same question here a couple of weeks ago, and ended up buying the TP1300LS over the Dewalt. I studied it hard, and decided based on the following in order of importance to me:

        1.Ease of Use (particularly blade setting).
        2.User Adjustability for head parallelism.
        3.Only three presets on DeWalt, and I read that only the 3/4" setting is readjustable if out of whack.
        4.Cost of replacement blades, and the inconvenience of sending out for resharpening. $55 for DeWalt single sided that can be resharpened perhaps 4X. $29 for the Ridgid double sided throwaways (although I suspect you could sharpen them at least once)is well worth the extra couple of bucks for the convenience.
        5.I guess that extra 1/2" of width is worth something. Size does matter, right?

        Concluded there was no real advantage/disadvantage in cutting performance for either unit.



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          Thanks for helping guys!!!