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    Would like to get some recommendatins on which dust collector to buy for my garage workshop. I have a table saw, radial arm saw, jointer, planer, and a ban saw that I will hook up to the collector as I use them, with plans to install a permanent vac hose system. Can I get by with a 120v 1-1/2 HP unit work or should I bite the bullet and run a 220v circuit and get a 2+ HP unit.

    Also, any recommendations for make and model that you have good experience with would be appreciated.

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    Re: Which Dust Collector

    You'll be needing to heavy up your electricals in your shop regardless of the dust collector. You have machinery now that would be better run on 240 Volts. Your table saw is one example. I would set yourself up with 60 Amp (or if you can, do 100 Amp) 120/240 Volt service to your shop and have a sub-panel (small breaker box of 12 poles/spaces minimum) installed in your shop. From it you run circuits as needed. All lighting in your shop needs to be on it's own circuit so you won't trip the breaker and be in darkness. Actually it's good to have 2 lighting circuits and have a small light run all the time you may be in the shop. This is in case your main lighting circuit trips the breaker or someone comes in and shuts the lights off thinking no one is around.

    Once you upgrade power, it would be wise to invest in a serious dust collector and most of them at 1HP and over can be connected for 240 Volts. Only your smaller tools should really be run on 120 Volts.

    Please contact a good licensed electrician in your area and discuss your electrical needs. Over time you'll be glad you made the investment.


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      Re: Which Dust Collector

      Thanks for the advise. My lighting is now on a separate circuit and currently have two outlets (on same 20 amp circuit). I do have two dedicated 20 amp circuits roughed-in which I had planned for convenience outlets at my work bench and around the shop. I could use one of those for a 240v.
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        Re: Which Dust Collector

        I have the Jet 1 1/2, 120v dust collector with the pleated top filter. It has 2, 4" ports. I use one for my table saw or drum sander or shaper as needed. The other I leave open to help suck up stray dust. Works fine. It's on a 15 amp breaker along with a few other things and never trips. Seems to run very low draw.

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