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Smooth plane/card scraper/sanding

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  • Smooth plane/card scraper/sanding

    I just had a few questions when it comes to the final wood surface prep.

    1) For veneer plywood, since it is smooth already, one probably only needs to sand at 150 then 180 grit. So on that note, instead of using sandpaper, is a few passes with a card scraper and a touch up say using 180 or 220 grit sandpaper all that is needed?

    2)On hardwood, with a well tuned smooth plane, does this completely eliminate the need for any touch up with a card scraper or 180/220 grit sand paper, except for some minor passes in a few areas?

    3) So if you have a well tuned smooth plane, when would the card scraper come in handy? In the begginning for removal of layers off of rough lumber? In the end for cleaning up some surfaces.

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    Re: Smooth plane/card scraper/sanding

    1. Veneer these days is super thin so be careful. A gentle rub with 220 is all I do, I tend not to use scrapers or planes on veneer because if there are any bubbles at all you can cut a hole, also there is no guarantee that the pre-veneered wood is dead flat so you may cut a hole through the veneer trying to smooth the surface.

    2. On hardwood a smooth plane is all that is necessary. I use a scraper in areas of swirl grain or places to tight for a plane. Using sandpaper after the plane will ruin the finish.

    3. You only need the scraper in areas that the plane will not fit into or on swirl grain that tends to tear out with the plane. A scraper is used to finish wood and is too fine for rough lumber