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  • New shop ideas?

    I have had Morton Buildings, build a 30 X 45 shop next to my house. I am planning on using a 15 X 30 section for my electronics work and a 30 X 30 section for woodworking. I have installed a woodstove and will be installing a 3.5 ton A/C and 100,000 BTU furnace.I will be putting R19 in the walls and R30 in the attic. The walls will be OSB and the ceiling will be white sheet metal. I am finishing up the inside framing this weekend and will be starting on the wiring Monday. I plan on installing 6 eight foot flourescent fixtures.
    I am new to woodworking and would like to make cabinets and bookcases. I am seeking ideas for both the shops design and the types of tools that I should purchase to start out. I currently have a RS1000 radial arm saw and a Craftsman table saw with a Rigid fence. Also router,sander,sawzall,saber saw,drills,etc.
    Any help would be appreciated.
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    Two things... check out New Yankee Workshop. I think there is a diagram of his shop layout there. Also Wood Magazine just had one out called "Best-ever Workshops" and that had some good stuff in it as well. Will also give you some idea of the type of tools you may want to have. Good luck!! Dave