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Rattling sound in TP1300 Planer

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  • Rattling sound in TP1300 Planer

    HELP WITH TP1300 PLANER !!!!!!!

    The past few times I have used my TP1300 planer, I have noticed a rattling sound that starts as soon as I turn the unit on, and continues as I plane a board. Could this be caused by dust in the motor housing, or is there the possibility of a broken tooth on the drive gears? I use my Dust collector while running the planer, and the belt has been replaced recently. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Rattling sound in TP1300 Planer

    Someone on another forum posted the same question as her planer had developed a rattling sound (she had had it about 3 years). Turned out to be some of the bolts inside had worked loose. I would do a thorough check to make sure all the fasteners are tight in the whole unit. If it is old, vibration may have loosened them. If it is new, it is possible they weren't properly tightened during assy. If the belt was just replaced, odds are something wasn't tightened or was misaligned. I would recommend not planing with it until you have tracked down the cause.

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