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installing door hinges

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  • installing door hinges

    I have a small project to complete and need some advice.
    I have to install 12 new doors with new locks and hinges .
    I purchased a irwin lock kit and it works fine .the hinges are another matter ,useing a strike plate and chisel (way to time consuming).
    I am thinking of purchasing a ridgid laminate trimmer to make the job go fast.
    as any of the members used this tool and what are the reviews.
    I like it's small thin design .
    any advice on a jig for hinges and the lock strike plate ?.
    thanks for any help

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    Re: installing door hinges

    Hi there,
    I use a couple of templates made by Porter Cable...
    The Door Hinge Templet and the Strike and Latch Templet
    They both work pretty well and are not too expensive

    The laminate trimmer may work okay as you're not removing too much material. My only concern would be with the amount of surface the base plate has. It could get tricky trying to maintain a nice flat contact area on the jigs.
    I don't know if you'll be doing much laminate work down the road or not but you may be better off with a regular router which would be more versatile then a laminate trimmer. (You can always make a router table and hang your router under that)

    Good Luck - Jim
    Cheers! - Jim
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      Re: installing door hinges

      I ditto Jim's suggestion for the butt template.
      I've used the same one before I got a fancy jig that does three hinges at once.
      As far as the laminate router goes, it's perfect for hinge mortising. What you can do is cut a 6"x6" or so, piece of 1/8" hardboard or plastic and drill a hole in the center of it that matches the hole size in the base of your trim router. Then attach it to the base of your trim router with some double sided tape. This "sub base" will give your trim router more surface area to ride on the template.


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        Re: installing door hinges

        as for trim routers, I use this one >>>

        awesome router with plenty of power - as much as some full size routers...


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          Re: installing door hinges

          I have the Porter Cable door hinge templete and it works great.
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            Re: installing door hinges

            Here is another option for doing all three (or two) hinges with one jig for a reasonable price

            Hear is a strike plate jig from the same company



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              Re: installing door hinges

              I use the porter cable hinge template linked above with a bosh laminate trimmer and it works great. Perfectly clean cuts to mount hinges in just a few minutes per door. The only thing is the steel bit that comes with the kit will dull very fast. At most you'll get 3 to 4 doors before it starts smoking and burning the wood. I'd recomend also picking up the carbide version of hinge mortising bit with bearing guide. PC makes one with the exact same dimensions as the one included with that template. Cuts way cleaner and will last a heck of a lot longer.

              The Ridgid trimmer should work just as well. The base on laminate trimmers is a little small for these templates but it still won't be much of a problem. You can easily make a a larger auxiliary base with a piece of panel but its really not necessary.


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                Re: installing door hinges

                thanks for all the answers , as I realy need the advice


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                  Re: installing door hinges

                  Another little item you may want to pick up is a self-centering hinge bit. Its a drill bit sized for a #10 screw that is in a spring loaded sleave that centers into the countersink on the hinge. Lowes has them for $5.43, but you may have to ask someone where they are. In ours, they were located with the General Tools display with the little protractors, etc, not with the drill bits. If you are like me, I always get one screw off center enough that it sits crooked. Doing a lot of them will raise the possibility odds that you will too, especially if you get in a hurry or get tired. They also make one for smaller screws like the striker plate.(same price). If you have a Woodcraft by you, they currently have a set of three sizes on sale for about $25. More expensive but a little better quality.
                  Predrilling with one of these gives you the right depth pilot hole to prevent splitting while getting the screw centered in the hole.

                  Just a thought to make the job easier.

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                    Re: installing door hinges

                    That's a good suggestion. Self-centering bits are also knowen as vex bits...