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    Whats going on with the Ridgid warrenty? I have a USA built TS3612 in the garage still in the box that my wife and 3 sons bought me 2 days ago for Fathers day. Is the warrenty still lifetime. Also 3 months ago I purchased the Ridgid 13 inch is made in Tiawan...whats up with that??? Any advice would be appreciated before putting the TS3612 together.

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    Read this.
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      What does the warranty statement say in the back of your operating manual?

      Most components of the TS3612 are made in Taiwan, with assembly in Tennessee...but not anymore.

      The other machines are made in Taiwan or China, like the majority of all low/mid range WW'ing machines on the market today.



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        If it were me I would take it back while it's still in the box and buy something that will be supported in the future. It's a great saw, I've had mine for almost a year, but when they sold it it was a lifetime warranty, but when they support it it's only 3 years. I don't want to deal with a company like that.


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          Ridgid's warranty, like most warranties, covers only defects. Physical defects will be obvious during assembly and fine tuning. Some might show up during the first few uses. Defects in the electrical system and motor are trickier. The reason for a 3 year warranty is that any problems after this time are probably not defects but are caused by the user. For example, storage in a very humid environment will eventually cause the motor to die an untimely death(not a defect).
          I have a nordic track exercise machine and it's computer died after about 4 years. The warranty was 1 year. I called the company to buy a new computer, they sent me a new one for free(I did not ask them to). This is good customer care, I would not hesitate to buy there products again. Basically what I'm saying is that the service you get after the warranty expires is probably as important as before it expires.
          Ridgids 3 year warranty is reasonable.