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Question about MS 1060 Base

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  • Question about MS 1060 Base

    I recently purchased the MS1060 CMS and have a question about its base. On my saw, the base is slightly uneven (I've tested it on various surfaces). My question, therefore, is whether or not this is normal and should I return it to Home Depot where I purchased it? I'll probably end up calling Ridgid about this, but would like some feedback from the all seem have great advice. Basically, if I push on one side of the base, the opposite side lifts approx. an 1/8 inch. This is my first miter saw. Thanks in advance.

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    Hello rjt,

    A miter saw should not rock on the feet when placed on a level and flat surface. It sounds like you have a twisted base. I would return it for a new saw. Hope this helps.



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      Thanks for the response. I just got off the phone with Ridgid and they confirmed that I do have a defective base on my saw. I'm going to exchange it for another one at HD.