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    Dave A.---this is spooky! We've got, essentially, the same table saw---now jig saw Glad to hear you had trouble blade changing---thought it was just me. Good news is, unlike my old Craftsman cheapo, I don't have to change blades nearly as often.

    As to grip type---certain amount of what you're used to, though had a barrel grip ROS and hated it. If it requires a two-handed grip, what do you used for a third hand, when you want to guide the saw or us a speed square to guide the foot. Renting or at least trying out both, on a couple of standard cuts would be good.


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      I read the specs on the Bosch jig saws and didn't see anything about orital action or a blower on the 18v cordless model. I sent an e-mail to Bosch, and they confirmed that their cordless jig saw doesn't have orbital or blower functions. I bought the corded Bosch 1587AVSP (top handle) and I think I'll love it. It's really smooth and cuts like it's going through butter.

      Thanks again for all the info.