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Reapplying Bostik's Top Cote

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  • Reapplying Bostik's Top Cote

    I'm using Bostik's Top Cote for my router table, table saw and jointer.

    Yesterday I noticed small amounts of rust appearing on my router table, so I used Boeshield No Rust {phosphoric acid} and then reapplied Bostik's Top Cote.

    I read at Bostik's website that you should reapply weekly, I first used this product on these tools about 6 weeks ago, that was the only time I used it on the router table.

    Here's my question, how should I reapply Top Cote?

    If the surface is just dirty from general use should I wipe down with a dry cloth and add the Top Cote on top of itself or should I do a strip down using mineral spirts for a fresh start?

    One other quick question, is Boeshield T-9 silicone free?


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    Re: Reapplying Bostik's Top Cote

    Don't know about Bostik's Top Cote. I did find the information page on Boeshield. Their T-9 lubricant and protectant is stated to contain NO silicone or teflon. It works great on TS tops!
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      Re: Reapplying Bostik's Top Cote

      Whenever I feel it's time for a new coating of TopCote I use mineral spirits and remove the old finish and start from scratch again. I'm not sure who Bostik is directing that "apply weekly" advice too but it certainly isn't me. Maybe a commercial cabinet shop would have to do this but every six months or so has worked well for me.

      I know that Bostik is supposed to be both a rust preventer and also leave a slick surface but I use it primarily for its rust prevention qualities. For making my CI surfaces slippery, I use the old standby, Johnson's Paste Wax. Once I've applied the Bostik, let it dry and buff it out, I apply 2 to 3 coats of paste wax on top of the Bostik. In my opinion the wax makes the surface slicker than the Bostik does and also increases the life span of the Bostik.
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