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  • Hickory

    Today at work we threw out a whole unit of Hickory. It was very white and supposedly has worms. I (being a cheapskate) grabbed up as many as my truck could take and as I unloaded, out of about 40, 10-12' boards I only found a few that show sings of wormholes. Can anyone tell me what kind of worm these boards may contain. We have had this unit of lumber in our warehouse for several years and there is no signs of damage to other species of lumber that has been near it. Whatever it is, the worms eat their way through the wood and when its planed you can see their tunnels (which has a nice effect on a "distressed project", as long as the worms arent still active)

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    Re: Hickory

    OA, this may answer your questions.
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      Re: Hickory

      Through out a unit of Hickory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Say it ain't so!!!!!!!!

      Can I have some????????????

      If you are using small amounts at a time, you can also put it in a freezer to kill off any critters. Give it a week or so in a good deep freeze and they should be well dead! LOL

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        Re: Hickory

        Yep pretty much a whole unit. I restacked them last night and I didnt count but they are all 1" rough board and made one pile almost 4' high, most are 10-12' long also. I went back to the shop the next morning to get more and there were only 3 boards left (yep I got them)

        It is a bad shot, but here is what my truck looked like when I got them home.

        At the shop we prefer the darker Hickory and getting a nice color variation in the boards is great. Since the price was right though Im going to use what I have, probably with a medium dark oil stain.

        It is all sitting in my garage right now, and it has been cold. I dont think that freezing the worms is going to work. The building that our lumber is stored in isnt heated and weve had this unit for a few years. For cabinet frames and raised panel doors though I can be selective with what I use though.
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          Re: Hickory

          I work with mesquite a lot. It has a lot of bugs (it gives it character). I work with it mostly on the lathe, so its smaller pieces. To kill the bugs I microwave it. About 1 minute will kill anything in there. The wood gets just a little warm, not even hot to the touch.