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TS3650 rails on eBay

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  • TS3650 rails on eBay

    item says;

    Ridgid Table Saw Rails Free Shipping NIB
    Item number: 4332302541

    Don't know the seller and all that stuff, just ran across the item and passing it on.

    Buy it Now for $35.00 it says, and get this, 92 sets available, so don't fight over them

    If you go for it ask the seller about the spacer rod that mounts on the right side between the rails, his description does not mention it. If you plan on putting a router table in here then doesn't really matter.

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    The description of the item on eBay actually says it is for a model TS2412.

    There is a slight difference in the profile on the TS2412 rails and the profile on the TS3650 rails.

    That difference appears to be because the TS3650 has a "micro-adjustment" knob that needs someplace to contact.

    Can anyone confirm the fence on a TS3650 will fit the rails on a TS2412? (with the exception of the correct operation of "micro-adjustment" knob).



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      I put a different fence on my 3612 and still have the rails (and spacer rod), I sold the fence. Does anyone know if the 3612 rails will work with the 3650 fence? Does anybody need my rails?
      Joe Spear


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        Joe, I can't say for sure if the 3612 rails will work on the 3650 or not but looking at the 3650 at HD, the rail system sure looks the same as the one on my 3612.
        I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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          hey joe
          I can use the set.
          How much....
          I can put them on my old craftsman ts that my grandfather gave to me that he used...



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            Thanks for all the replies, just to verify, you guys are saying 3612, but the eBay listing say’s the rails are for a TS2412. I assume when you say 3612 you are referring to a different saw model.

            I went to the store to look at what was sitting on the floor, I looked at the TS2400LS (The portable table saw) and the TS3650. These were the only two saws available in the store.

            Both saws have a very similar looking fence and rail system but on the TS2400LS, the part of the fence that rides on the rail is about 1/2 inch narrower then the part of the fence that rides on the TS3650.

            While the fence and the rail system on the TS2400LS and TS3650 look very similar, the fence on the TS2400LS is not interchangeable with the rail system on the TS3650. The TS2400LS appears to have a very similar but smaller version, of the rail system on the TS3650.

            This is all good information, but I’m still wondering if the TS3650 fence will fit the rails on a TS2412.