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    First I will tell you a little about myself! I am 26 married with two kids. I work at John Deere mounting wheels on big 4WD tractors. Thus I don't have alot of money to spend on woodworking. (I can barely afford cheap 1 bys from menards!!) Now for the question, I have the Ridgid 3650 with the blade that came with it and a Delta 10" miter saw with its "stock" blade. I would like to get a finish blade for each one. Keeping in mind I am not building cabinets or fine furniture. Would the Black and decker Piranha 10 inch combo pack 24.95 at Home Depot or the Dewalt 10 inch combo pack 34.95 be sufficient.
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    Re: Saw Blades

    the de walt is better then the b&d blades but the one i like using for geneal use is the porter cable "razor blade" but they run about 25 bucks each if you can swing it in think it would be worth it. though if you are that tight of a buget then i would go with the dewalt blade be cause that is a great price for them.
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      Re: Saw Blades

      53--I got the Dewalt pack as a gift and I am very pleased with them. I get great results and have no complaints.
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        Re: Saw Blades

        Awesome Tractor!!! If it is yours, what model is it, I used to work on the 4 and 5 thousand series cab line!! Thank you for the advise. I didn't mean to be so blunt about my finances it seems that people on the forum have a little more capital I am green with envy! My wife wants me to build a cedar chest for each one of our little ones. I can't wait to get the ok to buy the wood.
        I like orange tools!!!!!


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          Re: Saw Blades

          It's your lucky day Hartness! The best deal I've ever seen on saw blades has recently returned for a short time. There's a Leitz blade distributor at named Mike Jackson who's got several Leitz brand or Leitz made German blades for sale at amazing clearance prices. Mike is has recently returned from surgery and is completing a clearance sale he started a while ago. Leitz is a highend manufacturer who used to make Delta's top industrial line before B&D bought them, Irwin's top "Woodworking" series (not their Marathon stuff), HO Schumacher & Sohn (highend), as well as many others.

          The blades you mentioned won't cut all that well relative to top shelf blades and won't hold up for too long, so they'll end up costing you more money in the longrun. The Leitz blades are better quality than either of the two package deals you listed, and are roughly the same price even with shipping. They have fairly thick carbide and can be resharpened several times. Mike is well known over there, and very well respected. The blades have gotten very positive remarks from some fairly fussy customers....even I was pleased! The performance to price ratio is tough to beat. I'm not associated with Mike in any way shape or form, but I do hope you'll reconsider the sets you were looking at (I'm so right this time!) . I personally would go with the 10" TK 24T ripper, and the 60T ATB crosscut for your TS (highlighted in red) can always toss the 60T on the miter saw for fine cuts.

          LEITZ PRO SERIES OPTICUT 10" z80 neg. hook ATB 5/8" bore ,fine crosscut in HW,SW and composites,for RAS and mitre saws, great plywood blade on the TS too. List is $66-on sale for $29

          LEITZ PRO SERIES 10” z30 neg hook ATB 5/8” bore great for chop saw or radial arm quick work $15
          The next three are leitz made Irwin branded blades from a cancelled contract with Irwin (their loss)

          ==>10" z24 FLAT TOP fast rip thin kerf #011 $ $10 each

          10" z60 ATB cutoff neg hook #007 ONLY 4 LEFT $15
          ==>10" z60 ATB crosscut #004 $15

          I also have high end Delta 8" to 16" (leitz made) for really good prices !
          You may have to check your Delta catalogs or their website for complete info on each blade as my paperwork is all in German/metric.

          35-590 8" z48 5/8" bore TC/F(flat) $10
          35-751 8" z64 ATB 5/8" bore $10
          35-591 8" z24 ATB 5/8" bore $10
          35-626 10" z60 ATB 5/8" bore $15
          35-622 10" z80 ATB 5/8" bore $18
          35-629 10" z48 TC with a .156 kerf 1" bore $15
          35-610 10" z10 SQ 5/8" bore $10
          35-614 10" z48 ATB 5/8" bore $15
          35-633 10" z80 TC 5/8" bore *0 degree hook*$25
          35-619 10” z60 TC neg 6 degree hook-ONLY 3 LEFT $18

          Check out the $48 Leitz made HO Schumacher & Sohn rip's identical to the $10 Leitz/Irwin blade:
          Click image for larger version

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          There...I just saved you about $90 on two blades!

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            Re: Saw Blades

            great deal
            9/11/01, never forget.


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              Re: Saw Blades

              53--Heywood has found a real deal, for sure. Mine was a gift, so who can be choosy. Yes, it is my tractor-a 4100. I took the little woman all over the northern half of this state looking at "grey market" tractors that were worn out and she finally said "Why don't you buy a new one?" Had it ordered the next day!!!