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  • Mr Bob Dueker

    My concern is this. Ridgid made great tools for HD and it appears they were poorly handled by HD.
    I am afraid Ridgid might be planning to make lesser quality and price tools for the HD market.
    Lets face it, HD likes thing that move fast, fact is quality woodworking equipment is not something that would turn over at the rate HD would want their merchandise to turn.

    We are afraid you are going to have a cheaper product with less warranty, less customer service made for the HD market. After all, Ridgid did a wonderful job with this and it is my feeling you can not do it better through someome who knows less abouth your eqiupment. This would be sad for woodworkers but maybe good for HD's and Ridgid's bottom lines.

    You are trying to tell us someone else can make your product as good as you did and service your customers as well as you have over the years, I do not think so and we are worried. "say it isn't so Ridgid".

    I am planning to buy a TS, it was going to be a TS3612 but have decided if I wanted a saw made by made by Ryobi I would buy one they put their name on and were responsible for.

    Well, I do not want a Ryobi and have started looking at Delta and Jet. This will look funny in my shop since it is now made up mostly of Ridgid.

    Woodworker take their tools seriously and who they by form. Right now Ridgid is questionable. Untill I know exactly what Ridgid long term plans are my planer, jointer and mitre saw will be the only Ridgid in my shop.

    I do not like to bad month you on the great web site you have created. But, we have no other avenue to you. Believe me the people out hear on this site care about Ridgid, we do not like writing many of the things that have been wriiten lately.

    I will now go back to woodworking and Ridgid can go back to their business. I hope we meet again one day.