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They shipped me a band saw!

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    daveferg, just a few statements of fact and questions:
    1. Broke my back nearly 3 years ago. Found working while standing didn't bother my back. Renewed my old interests in woodworking as therapy.
    2. Bought a TS3650 to replace a direct drive Craftsman that I'd had over 23 years. Bought a pig in a poke. No demo at HD. Can't roll the thing out of my shed onto the carport to use it, after assembling it inside same.
    3. Waiting on bids from contractors to build new shop.
    4. What does the number of posts or the length of time a person is registered on a forum have to do with the quality or the substance of the posts?
    5. Newbie.......when I was a child my mother taught me it wasn't nice to call others names.
    6. If there isn't a constant increase in the number of "Newbies" the forum will become stagnant and just a "Good Old Boys" club.
    7. Just because somebody disagrees with your constant badgering of a product or brand doesn't mean they are a "Rigid Nazi".
    8. How many Rigid tools do you own? Truthfully...
    9. How many of your posts are based on your own personal experiences dealing with Rigid, OWT or HD and their products or are just opinions based on the posted experiences of others?
    10. How many "Old Timers" and "Newbies" have your heavily ladened negatively opinionated comments run off this forum?
    11. I didn't run the statistics but a very small percentage of your posts were truly helpful...where you gave somebody advice on equipment setup..... techniques....hints....etc.
    Helpful in a sense....small numbers.
    12. If HD doesnt' have products in stock (see my earlier reply to UO Woody) and if Ridgid/OWT can't or won't handle customer issues......Grizzly and other manufacturers are online and shipping delays are about the same.
    13. Here's hoping Woody's problems get resolved.


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      Quick question, did you order the bandsaw from Ridgid Online or direct from Ridgid??? Because I'm wondering if this is the way HD will be receiving their inventory from Ridgid...Thanks, Erwin
      Thanks,<br />Erwin<br />\"It\'s all in the grain.....\"


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        I appreciate all the nice comments my fellow woodworks have given in my favor. Some of you are asking how this all came about, so here is the story as short as I can make it.

        Last year when Jake was still moderator, I posted asking him about a motor problem. He said use it and it would be taken care of when it goes bad. It eventually did, after he left this forum for what ever reason.

        Calling Ridgid, I was connected to OWT and only given a number for a service center for warranty repairs. After dozens of calls and messages left, I did not get a return call. I then started posting here and other forums of the poor customer service. Our new moderator Bob took it upon himself to send me an email that I would be shipped a new motor. Several coorispondence with Bob, the motor was not available. It took nearly 3 months to receive the motor.

        The motor arrived in nearly the same packing method as the band saw, and did not work. The band saw has other problems requiring shimming and special riggings to get the blade to track correctly and the guides to function.

        Bob agains sends me an email that he would be sending me a new band saw, and should have it 10 days. And the link to the photo's is that band saw.

        The way Ridgid is handling warranty now is unaccepable to me, and from what most of you are posting, to most of you as well. The people at Ridgid are making an attempt of making the band saw issue right with me. It's a packing a shipping error, by far not Ridgid's style by any means.

        The band saw is a remanufactured one that was sent, which would have been fine with me as long as it worked and was manufactured correctly. I will never know, as by viewing the photo's you can see why.

        I Emailed both Bob And Jay Gatz with the link to the photos. I was returned a auto response that they will be out of the office until Jan 5th. So I have no idea what to expect from this. I also asked them at this time for a full refund of the band saw and all accessories purchased for it, so I can re-invest in another brand.

        I would at least hope to expect a new properly packaged band saw and riser block kit, that is the defective parts of which I have purchased and spent hours upon hours to get to function to a usable point.

        I have to put full blame on corperate for the decission they made. Ridgid was a tight ship with 100% customer satisfaction. They need to take back that part of control, and fire OWT on the customer satisfaction issues.

        If you "want" it done right, you have to do it yourself. Period.

        The UPS Shipping labelS affixed to both boxes starts with a name in the senders area:
        If Ridgid IS NOT owned by Ryobi as previous posts speculates, than what's this all about?

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          First, Woody (and others knowing about shipping, chime in)----Wouldn't a key sign that UPS or whomever, repacked the saw be that there isn't a Ridgid mailing label? Whatever happens, don't get rid of the packaging---the pictures are great, but the actual boxes are important.

          Keninidaho----please re-read my post. Good Lord--this isn't about differing opinions---it's about abusive responses, and there have been many, many abusive posts directed towards me, long before I resorted to comments like Ridgid Nazis. The newbie aspect is that they march in here and start being abusive to anyone---including people like myself, who have been long-time members here and spent a lot of time sharing information with people as well as complaining about HD. My comments were directed at the abusive people, who think the only opinion that counts is theres and are unable to discuss things in a civilized manner---and the newbie comment is simply to point out that these are not the old members of this board, but some new members bullying new and old members. Don't know how much clearer I can make this.


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            Looks like a UPS shipper on the box. UPS is a pretty good outfit and will usually, not always advise of known damage and a repack.

            The thing appears to have been just inappropriately packed in the first place.


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              (Late poster)...Wow Woody! I picked up my BS1400 at HD and everything was neatly,properly packed
              as noted by someone before. Sorry for your bad experience(s)


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                My BS14002 was purchased at HD here in Canada. I was impressed with the thought that went into the packaging and all parts were in great shape.
                I have a problem with blade tracking that I hope someone can help with. I am running a 3/8" blade set up as per manuf. instructions. For some reason the blade is cutting at about an 8 degree angle off square to the rear of the saw. No adjustment has helped this situation. Any advice??
                HD advice was to contact a service depot...big help there!


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                  Youngblood.Mine was having much the same problem. Check to see the tracking of the blade stays in the center of both flywheels, or changes on one or the other as you are cutting. The lower shaft on mine moves back and forth through the casting nearly 1/4", keeping the blade tracking properly impossable. This causes the blade to do some untimely unexpected turns while cutting.
                  John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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                    Woody, sorry to hear your story. I'm a 'newbie' and just finished setting up my first Ridgid tool, a 3650. It runs like a champ, and the packaging was first-rate, aside from a box puncture that did no damage. Bought it at HD and received my 20% credit last Saturday.

                    I love the saw so far. If I do have problems, I hope my experience with Ridgid cs is better than yours. That packaging was pathetic!

                    Are you sure no one 'intercepted' the shipment, used the saw, then threw it in another box?


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                      Woody, I am new too this site and I am in the process of buying a table saw. Lots of research!!! Leaning heavily towards the 3650 but after seeing your photos I might just wait a bit longer to find out what your outcome is. If Ridgid "hooks you up" I will again be looking at the 3650. If you get the no lube situation I will be looking in a different direction to spend my hard earner $600. Good luck, I will be checking on your situation. Have a merry Christmas all!!!


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                        Thanks for the reply Woody; I will let you know if I am able to receive any info on this problem from Ridgid. Have a great holiday.


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                          Woody..... I can't express how sad your tale of the Band Saw has made me. When i saw your post that your Band Saw had arrived, i felt joy on your behalf. But, alas, still no stisfaction
                          NOT.....being on ANYONES side, that does not look like Ridgid packing to me. Although your tale of service till that point is deplorable , for ANY company.
                          I also have a shop full of mostly Ridgid products all are running fine,but,I feel very apprehensive after you tale of woe.
                          I sincerely hope all works out in the end for you.

                          We need your wit and wisdom here, once all the problems are cleared up.
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                            What pure crap! I have seen both sides of this kind of employee commitment over the years. The service center that crams everything in a box without wrapping the individual parts and good old UPS who hires temp workers and only gives them 20 hours a week and no medical. A friend once told me that when the semi backs up to the dock at UPS a guy opens the doors and everything falls out in a pile, they then dive on top and kick and push the boxes out onto the floor, a four foot drop!
                            These stupid corporations actually do studies to see how little packing material they should use! They weigh the 20% damage (or more) against saving a buck a box on bubble wrap!
                            I see this sh** everyday on the job and feel for you Woody, too bad this is just business as usual in the USA these days.
                            \"Is it Friday yet?\"


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                              Originally posted by Lorax:
                              </font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by daveferg:
                              The usual Ridgid Nazis here are noticably silent.

                              I unignored you long enough to see your response to Woody. I should have known better.
                              I am one of the newbies that has been supporting Ridgid because I really like my 3650 and havn't had a single problem with it. Does that make me one of your Ridgid Nazis? As you can see from my post above, I have been anything but silent and I meant what I said !
                              You are a real piece of work.
                              </font>[/QUOTE]Lorax-yes, you should have. But still it's great to read a trasher-basher's posts even when Rigid fueled the flame here with this debacle. Then when the Delta's of world do similar and one reads the woes of end-user regarding that there is ________ (((((((( silence ))))))) ______ nary a fergy comment.
                              My advice - take nothing personal, see him for what he is, most of us know it, and let him bash.
                              His crazy biased posts do enough to credibilty - we need not be forced to do more.

                              Real piece of work no doubt, defective one at that. Someone elses return no doubt

                              [ 01-01-2004, 11:56 AM: Message edited by: Cranky ]
                              Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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                                Woody - I feel your pain and pray that things resolved in very prompt manner. Why these things continue to happen to us in this country disturbs me. It's not just Rigid - I could live with just one company by simply not purchasing a thing from them. It's so many it is just sickening.
                                Hope it gets resolved today for you.

                                ReaveFerg and comments. Note I am posting #1 here. I am on woodnet and frequent by my standards a long time member over 2 years. I came here to view what's being said - they have a few individuals who do have strong anti-Rigid bias for whatever reason(s) and it's just accepted and known to all. Save your energy and emotions - it just gets them even more excited and the threads shall continue - to no end at that.
                                I have no personal agenda with anyone nor any company. My shop is a rainbow of color including orange. Rigid has done fine by me for the tools I own of theirs. As others have.
                                I have dialog there with Dave often - under my screen name used. I avoid at all costs any reference to Rigid or any non-US manufactured (primarily anyway) product - it spares me the grief of defending myself and choices. My shop and pictures and products are there too.
                                Now I am hiding behind a new screen name and unknown. This allows me to make a few comments I cannot there. I have never seen a post of a picture, a shop, a product that Dave has made. I therefore have no idea as to what he does or has done with a tool. Or if he even does.
                                So my point - stick with and put faith in what you want and understand that some have an agenda beyond what we will ever understand and for logic and purpose that we shall never know. Believe 5% of what is posted and recognize the other 95% is pure hog wash.
                                Happy Holidays