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They shipped me a band saw!

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  • They shipped me a band saw!

    Instead of going to all the trouble to link the photo's to every site, I'll just direct you one where you can view photo's and narrations.

    Please Click Here
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>

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    How Tragic. Just when we were hoping that there was light at the end of the tunnel, we find it is a freight train barring down us.
    Are you now willing to yank the Ridgid logos from your website?
    If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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      My site is going to be getting a complete face lift and a new direction sometime after the first of the year. Instead of displaying pride with the machines, I'll have a section showing corrispondence, photo's and the like.

      I can no longer hold my head with pride with a shop full of Ridgid machines. It's becoming an imbarrasment. It will take me another 4 to 5 years to pay for it all. How many will defect and need replacing before that time? I have asked several times for a refund of the band saw and accessories. I think it's about time I received it so I can replace it with a brand that works.
      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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        When I saw the title of your post I was happy for you. After seeing what they shipped to you, I am really po'd at Ridgid.
        How about it Ridgid? Are you going to make it right with Woody? It is pretty obvious that all the damage to that bandsaw did not occur during shipping. It was a POS when they stuffed it in the boxes.
        This is the sorriest example of "customer service" I have ever heard of! !
        I wish I had some advice for you Woody, but this situation is so pathetic I wouldn't know where to begin.

        [ 12-31-2003, 10:39 PM: Message edited by: Lorax ]
        "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06


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          I thought I was dreaming a nightmare when I saw what your delivery by RIDGID looked like.
          I, as I just posted, have bought several RIDGID tools, including a Band saw, and I want to call me lucky. My bandsaw was menticulously packaged with all the styrofoam in the world, moulded to the shape of the parts. The loose parts were perfectly tagged and welded in a wonderfull plastic tray with a fully describing back board. Every pertruding part was bubblewrapped and the owners manual and assembly booklet was just as good as I could have wished to be. The saw actually arrived and assembled so perfectly that my father-in-law ( cabinet maker of trade) could hardly believe the price nor that it is made in China. He thought that they are finally getting their act together. The same conditions I found true in all the other boxes of RIDGID tools I purchased.

          The box you show on your web page looks nothing like I have it here.
          I am so sorry that someone put you through this and I only can think of you having received a piece of equipment which was meant to go to the scrap yard.
          I really wish that RIDGID makes it up to you and you can continue to believe this is a fair and good company to buy tools from. If not, let me know, I still have all the original boxes and receipts to return my machines to those SOB's in a heart beat.
          The competition is just waiting for my money.

          Eventhough I am happy with what I bought, I feel a certain loyalty to my fellow wood worms.


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            Woody, my sympathys to you sir. Gad----just when you thought it was getting better at customer service. I've seen better boxes and packing jobs from kids shipping their laundry home from college. The usual Ridgid Nazis here are noticably silent.

            I really hope someone steps up to the plate for you.


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              Just a thought, I used to work for a steel company and we did a lot of shipping by ups. And they would damage the packages many times, and then repack them. It looks like one of their repack jobs. They have insurance to cover problems like yours, look into it



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                Let me tell you something Lorax. I've been on this board a heck of a sight longer than most of you newbies combined. One thing I do not appreciate is when someone posts an honest opinion---even with factual statements, and gets jumped all over by people who seem to think their's is the only opinion that counts. That kind of behavior has driven many of the old bunch away----people who are knowledgable, helpful and generally nice to have around. If you happen to think the behavior of some of the new people around here is acceptable, so be it.

                My comment is merely a statement of a factual observation----that the bombastic ones were noticably abscent and not trying to defend Ridgid at any cost. And, BTW, had nothing to do with your post Lorax----so---jump all over me---if the shoe fits, wear it.

                As far as I'm concerned, Woody has the patience of a saint.


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                  Needless to say, that is one sorry sight. I hope Ridgid understands what a very tight community we woodworkers are. The information about this disgusting episode will be readily available for all to see. I just hope there is someone within Ridgid who realizes that their brand's reputation is about to take a hugh hit if they don't make this right! Bob Dueker, you'd better get busy on this one, fast.



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                    I have had it with this site Rigid does not think enough of their tools or customers to pack them up right. They don't think enough of their customers to take care of us, I do not own anything made or sold by Rigid other than a couple pipe wrenches.
                    I hope that you get your money back and take Rigid to court for the pain and mental suffering. Good luck.


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                      Sorry to hear that the nightmare continues.
                      Best wishes,


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                        Woody, I am one of Daveferg's NEWBIES. He would probably consider me a Rigid Nazi but I'll address that in another post. I bought a TS3650 and was delighted to find this forum. Sunday I went to HD to buy a bandsaw and an oscillating sanding station. They were out of stock on the sanding station and when I asked how I could take advantage of the 20% off sale he shrugged. Nothing about a rain check or buying it and waiting for it to arrive. Got my dander up! I left without inquiring on the bandsaw. The LOL went to HD yesterday and talked with a manager. She said if I came in on Monday and purchased any power tools, she'd honor the 20% discount. I went to HD; talked with the manager; she repeated the offer. I went to the tool department, looked at the bandsaw; looked at the sanding station. Then, I remembered that you'd had some kind of a problem with your bandsaw......No bandsaws in stock....No sanding station in stock....I thanked the manager for her kind offer and walked out without either and my money in my pocket. Come on Rigid.....the packaging used for those bandsaw parts was terrible. You can blame Big Brown for mishandling it during shipping but when it's properly packaged so the heavy parts can't move, they won't get damaged if thrown around during shipment. Make it right and make it quick. Show me I didn't make a mistake buying that TS3650. Prove to me I didn't make the right decision by walking out of HD without the bandsaw and sanding station at 20% off.


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                          Wow, I'm sorry, but I need to laugh out loud at that one. As sorry as the packaging was on the unit, I see no way that all those items could have been damaged in transit. It is very sad indeed to see what has transpired.


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                            Woody, that would have been a very disappointing experience. After the rest of what you have been through you must be frustrated beyond words (at least, postable words).

                            And yet...

                            There has got to be more to this story.

                            That is not Ridgid packing for a new saw, that much is obvious. So I have to wonder what happened?

                            Did the box explode in shipment, and this was a carrier re-pack?
                            Where did it come from? Could someone who does not normally ship heavy equipment, have packed it from a sample (thinking they were doing a favor)?

                            I have to think Ridgid would immediately make this right with a new in-the-box saw.

                            There are standard procedures for getting replacements for this kind of destruction with every reputable company and I hope that yours is expedited. There has just got to be an explanation. There is a saying, "never attribute to malice, what can be explained by stupidity" and I expect it applies, here. Someone needs clearly needs their a$$ kicked.

                            At any rate, I don't know whether we can extrapolate too much about Ridgid from this debacle, because it was clearly not a new saw (Ridgid usually gets accolades on their packing and documentation). Their explanation and reaction to it will be far more illuminating.

                            I have to think it is an isolated incident, even though the "isolated incidents" keep happening to poor Woody! Good luck!


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                              WOW... What was the nature of this shipment. Was it warranty work, was it a new piece of equiptment. This is absolutely unacceptable under any circumstances, but it's so far outside of what I've seen in packaging that I can't believe my eyes. The machines look so meticulously thought out and the manual is so well written, this just doesn't jive with what you would expect from any tool company.

                              I would like to know nature of shipment. It will help all of us with our future decisons.


                              I HOPE THEY MAKE GOOD WITH YOU SOMEHOW.