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TS3650 Throwing Its Belt

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  • TS3650 Throwing Its Belt

    My newly assembled saw is throwing its belt. Before you say pulleys. Has anyone had problems with the motor not being parallel to the trunion. It almost seems that the motor is crooked on the tensioner. I think the only fix for this would be to shim the 2 bolts that hold the motor to the pivot on the pulley side. Has anyone else had to do this?

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    Re: TS3650 Throwing Its Belt

    mkae sure the blade is completely lowered when make the tension adjust for the first time as decribed in owner's manual. I had the same problem. I hpppen to smell burning rubber and looked under and the belt had slipped. I turned out that i din not properly adjust the tension as described in the manual. The blade must be in the lowered position prioor to adjustment.

    Go back to belt tension part in manual and follow instruction. \
    hope this helps.

    Also, Check pulleys that belyt rides on for melted rubber, clean with mineral spirit if thier is. When my belt came off it scraped rubber off and it melted onto the pulley which could casue future belt slip if not properlt seated on the pulley

    hope this helps


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      Re: TS3650 Throwing Its Belt

      Its fixed!!! Well kind of, the motor is still crooked. I removed the belt cover and sighted the pulleys. After I had adjusted them the first time, the motor one was too far over (couldnt tell with the guard on). My vibration is gone, but its still not perfect. The holes for the pivot point on the motor plate, are to big. Which is givingme "slop" and since tension is only on one side of the motor, its causing the motor to be "cock eyed". I going to go and see if I can pick up some bronze bushings and redrill the holes for those. We'll see.