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  • RS 1000 Radial Arm Saw

    About a month ago I purchased a RS1000 radial arm saw.
    Here are my comments so far:
    1) Owner's manual needs some improvement.It took me nearly 6 hours to get the saw assembled. I spent most of that time trying to figure out the instructions. On the other hand, the video tape helped some, and important to me was that none of the parts were missing!
    2)The saw only had one adjustment out of alignment. That impressed me!
    3)My only negative comments are that the elevation handle is a little hard to turn (though I am glad that it's metal instead of plastic) and that the clear plastic rip indicators are rubbing and wearing out my rip scale rulers.
    4) Though I am a college instructor by trade, I also have a 200 acre farm and have been using my grandad's Rigid 1/2 and 3/4 pipe threaders and tubing cutters for the past 20 years. The dies are getting dull, but after 40 years of use, who could complain?
    5)I will be purchasing more Rigid tools in the future.

    Does anyone have any comments on their experiences (either good or bad) with the RS1000 radial arm saw?
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    Little B

    Thanks for the comments. On the rip scale indicators you should be able to loosen the indicator itself and move it away from the scale. It there is no movement make sure the sheet metal cover is completely seated on the arm.



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      I too just set up my new RS1000! At six hours you are ahead of the eight hours the manual mentions it will probably take. My elevation handle is a bit stiff as well but I figure it has a little breaking in to do. Besides, if the handle turns too easily the play needs taken out of the elevation pillar. Sounds like yours is like mine which means you've got it set up properly.

      Jake, I thought the video was a great help! I would watch a section of the video then read that section of the manual. Using this technique I had no trouble understanding the manual. I agree that without the video, it could be a little daunting. I say pack a short video with all your tools that require some assembly [img]smile.gif[/img] After all, a picture is worth a thousand words and moving pictures...well, you get the idea

      I've already used my RAS to half lap some railing for my deck...worked like a champ. A word of caution though: be careful how big a bite you take with an 8 inch dado, too much WILL stop the blade...bad dog!

      Kudos to Ridgid on the RS1000!
      - Tim


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        I sure do like mine. 6-7 hours assembly time spread out over a couple days. Once I finished all the set-up steps I only had to make a slight readjust to the miter indicator.
        I haven't cut any dados yet, but I have cut Purpleheart, African Padauk, Black Walnut, Poplar, Pine, Red Oak and Birch Plywood. Works like a champ through all types of wood and my cuts are nice and clean.
        Be careful with Purpleheart as it likes to "shread" and Padauk produces very fine sawdust the almost matches the "Ridgid Red" perfectly [img]smile.gif[/img]

        GO SCORPS!
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          I was lucky. I picked up a year-old RS1000 that was already assembled but hardly used for half the retail price. When I got it home and downloaded the owners manual I discovered the saw was way out of alignment (maybe why the guy was selling it--because it was grabbing boards). I haven't had the saw long by so far I'm really pleased with it.
          It is my understanding that Ridgid RSA were sold as Craftsman at Sears until 1999. Somebody said a lot of Sears parts for their older saws will fit the Ridgid. Don't know it that's true of not any maybe not something to bring up in the Ridgid chat room.


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            Don't know about the Craftsman radial arm saw parts fitting the Ridgid saw, but I have had a Craftsman radial arm for over 20 years. I love a Radial Arm for crosscutting, dado's and miters, but they are very scary when ripping. I wont rip on mine any longer, I do that on the table saw. I recommend that any radial arm owner not rip on the saw.