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Dust/chip control for hand held router

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  • Dust/chip control for hand held router

    Does anyone have a suggestion for how to control dust/chips when using a hand held router. I dovetail a lot of drawer boxes. I have tried setting up small partitions and setting my DC hose on a stand within the partitions to focus the chips but that didn't work as well as I would have liked. Just the DC hose bungied to the workbench worked best. But to be effective I have to set the hose at waist height and often when I moved the hose attaches itself to my waist. No matter what I try there is still an annoying mess on me and the floor. Has anyone else encountered this problem?


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    Re: Dust/chip control for hand held router

    Some routers you can buy a dust attachment such as porter cable, but I don't use it, because it gets in my way. Other people likes them, I wear a WW's apron, and a mask. I use a Porter Cable dovetail jig, I'm so use to using it now I don't need to look down at what I'm doing. Just the feel of the router is what I go by, and the sound. Clean up afterwards is all I can think of, and of course a room filter system is a must. But I'm sure someone here has a jig made up for this purpose.
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      Re: Dust/chip control for hand held router

      For those using the Rockler dovetail jig, they've come out with a pretty nice dust collection / control attachment.

      It *might* be adaptable to other jig systems or be able to be mounted separately, but close.

      I've only used it once for some half blinds on a pair of drawers. Worked quite well. Not 1000%, but it was the difference between a lot of dust in the air and a lot of chips on the floor vs. a little bit of dust in the air, and almost no chips on the floor.

      As an aside, someone in the market looking for a dovetail jig should take a look at Rockler's complete dovetail jig kit. Half blind and through dovetail templates, router bit and guide bushing. Currently on sale for $89.99!

      Sure, it's not as customizable and flexible as a Leigh... but the cost difference is *substantial*.


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        Re: Dust/chip control for hand held router

        Here is link to the Bosch dust extractor. Other high end brands usually have this accessory as well.