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Date Code on Saws?

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  • Date Code on Saws?

    Does anyone know what the date code on my 3650 means? The box had a sticker on it that said "0632". Does that mean March of 2006?

    Any help would be appreciated. I'm trying to figure out if I got old stock with some of the issues others may have experienced before I dig through the box tonight.

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    Re: Date Code on Saws?

    my date code says 0640 this was taken from the plastic wrap that covered the box.


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      Re: Date Code on Saws?

      typically with items such as water heaters, the date code is the first 2# are the year and the last 2# are the week.

      0632 is 2006 32nd. week aug.

      hope this is correct.

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Date Code on Saws?

        If its the arbor issue that you're concerned about I wouldn't worry about it. That SNAFU was corrected back in May of 2005. Even the slowest inventory moving HD should be purged of all the saws made before May 05.
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