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Installing vinyl siding

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  • Installing vinyl siding

    In the mid 60's I cut my teeth on the remodeling business by working for a siding and roofing contractor. I plan to help my nephew reside his house this summer. I vaguely remember that in order for the bottom of the first panel to to align with the rest of the siding we nailed wood lathe - I still remember then $2.00 a bundle - along the bottom of the house and then nailed the starter strip on top of it. What I don't remember is if there was one or two thicknesses of lath. Also, that was with aluminum siding, vinyl was just coming to the market. When starting vinyl siding should I still use the lathe under the starter strip?


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    Re: Installing vinyl siding

    Tom I guess thats all up to you, when I do vinyl I never use lathe. Does the appearance look bad or make the job less professional, I don't think so. Welcome to the forum, I have done over a 100 homes in vinyl, any other questions we'll be happy to help you out. To tell you the truth I hate vinyl, even put it on my house, but I'll tell you what, it's coming off in a year or two. I'm going back to a cedar siding, something about wood, its just more appealing to me.
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