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  • Zero Clearance Insert

    I know this question has come up several times in the past. For anyone looking to purchase a Zero Clearance Insert, I just installed one made by Leecraft (Model CR-1). It fits the TS2424 very well. I only made one minor adjustment to a pin that holds the insert down on the backside. It appears to be made out of phenolic or a similar material, has a slick surface, and 4 leveling screws. You will need to drill the mounting hole at the front of the insert.

    Probably one of the best features for those of us with a TS2424 is there is already a grove on the underside. This makes it possible to fully mount the insert on the saw with a 10" blade before the blade is raised through.

    Once I get a few more tools (especially Band Saw) that will make the job easier, I plan to make my own inserts. However, for now this is a nice solution.

    I bought mine at Woodcraft and I know Amazon sells them too.

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    MarkR, How do you find it in Amazon? Price?
    Many thanks! [img]smile.gif[/img]


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      Go to the Tools and Hardware section and search for "Leecraft". The model number is CR-1(L). The price is 21.99, a bit on the high side for an insert, but I have tried a few and this is the only one that seems to be a really good fit. In fact, the label on the product listed the Ridgid TS2424.