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Wood Suggestions and Characteristics

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  • Wood Suggestions and Characteristics

    Im looking for suggestions on a type of wood to use for my next project. I have no real specific project in mind (probably another table) but Im looking to use something other than spruce and pine. Im interested in oak, birch, maple . . . what ever. The big box stores here in NL carry a half decent selection of D4S, but there is a local supplier who has D2S and D4S in many more species.

    I would like to know:
    (1) What is you favorite wood to work with?
    (2) Are there any unique characteristics about working with that wood.

    Such as . . .I have read that when using oak one has to be careful not to burn the wood when using a router.

    Tks all . . .
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    Re: Wood Suggestions and Characteristics

    Black Ash is one of my favorite, and of course any wood with birdseye, birdseye has great characteristics, and can be used for almost any project. Birdseye Maple and Birch are fantastic, hard to find the Birch, but it is out there, they give you a deep rich look (cool) when you do 3 or more coats of finish, I like to use Urethane in high gloss. Most people dislike Urethane because of the drying time. Router burns, is all about router speed and bit sharpness and amount of wood your hogging out. The speed thing, I'm still trying to figure out, which I think I do thanks to another discussion in a different thread, check it out click on the link. Good luck on your next project and please post some pictures of your work.
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      Re: Wood Suggestions and Characteristics

      For a first project or two I'd suggest Poplar.
      It's relatively inexpensive, has nice grain, easy to work with both in construction and finishing, and since it's a hardwood it's fairly durable.
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        Re: Wood Suggestions and Characteristics

        I like oak, but it's incredibly common around in, can be found in most dwelling's in the northern hemisphere. Ash is a beautiful and more unique substitute IMHO, and it works very nicely. Ash is a lighter colored wood with a similar contrasting open grain to oak. To me, the grain is more free flowing than oak.

        Curly maple is nice...can be hard, but nice. Plain maple and plain birch are...well, "plain" IMO. We tend to use poplar for painted surfaces around tends to have frequent yellow/green streaking.

        Cherry, Mahogany, and walnut are nice too but tend to cost more. Butternut and hickory are attractive.