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  • Need Next Tool Recomendation

    Hey guys, Looks like i may have a little money to play with. About $350. Im trying to think what should be my next purchase. Tools so far are:

    Circular Saw
    18v Cordless Drill

    TS3650 Tablesaw
    Brad Nailer

    I have a few clamps.

    So heres what I was thinking. Since I really dont have any clamps, I thought about buying a bunch of clamps and other things in the catagory. I also would like to buy a biscuit joiner, mainly the Porter Cable 557. On the other hand, I'd like to pick up a jig saw too. The Milwuakee is on sale locally for $149 (which is cheaper then online). The Ridgid drill press is high on the list too.

    I need to build a router table, which has me thinking the Jessem lift for my router is onsale now too.

    As you can see there are quite a few options, more then Ive listed. Im ruling out band saw, mainly because for what Id use it for, Id also need a planner for resawing.

    My projects now are going to be shop projects, as far as tool use goes. But eventually furniture/cabinentry.

    Sorry if this is kind of confusing, but Id like to get input from others as far as my next purchase.

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    Re: Need Next Tool Recomendation

    One can never have enough clamps - so that should be fisrt on your list. You say you aren't going for a band saw, so get Bosch jig saw for now - that way you can at least make curve cuts and cutouts. A biscuit joiner is great if you plan on doing a lot of cabinets or board glue ups. I'd get a jointer or planer before the drill press.


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      Re: Need Next Tool Recomendation

      Please see this link regarding clamps.

      And this is where you can download their selection of catalogs. You might like a few of them to refer to later on.

      Please see this regarding the jigsaw. I think you'll like this deal and this is a great jigsaw for sure.
      Do yourself a favor and look over several other jigsaws. None are perfect, but there are some pretty good ones. I wish that Ridgid still had their German made one.
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        Re: Need Next Tool Recomendation

        SOMETIMES YOU CAN ACQUIRE TOOLS AS FINANCES ALLOW. I NEVER PAID FULL PRICE FOR ANY OF MY TOOLS. I WAITED TO PURCHASE A PLANER AND GOT DELTA'S EXCELLENT MODEL 580 PLANER ON CLEARANCE AT LOWES FOR ONLY $229-10% off coupon(they honored a home depot coupon). I agree w/ newman about getting a joiner or a planer before a drill press. As for jigsaws bosch reigns supreme!!!!Get their 1590-you will not be dissapointed!!!!!!!!!!!It's the best jigsaw out there with the only exception being festool's excellent saw but festools are pricey.
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          Re: Need Next Tool Recomendation

          I have the bosch jigsaw too. It's great.
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            Re: Need Next Tool Recomendation

            There are as many viewpoints on what tools a person should have as there are people expressing those views. You are the best judge of what you should or shouldn't buy next based on what you plan on building.

            I do find it rather curious that you have a biscuit joiner high on your list when you don't yet have a planer or jointer. One of the primary uses for a joiner is to assist in making smaller boards into bigger boards. That is very difficult to do unless all those smaller boards are the same thickness and have straight edges. Without a planer and jointer to do that, just using a biscuit joiner will produce results that you're not going to be very happy with. FWIW, I have the Porter Cable 557 and it is by far the least used tool in my shop, YRMV.

            Here is my take on what tools you should add as money becomes available. Unfortunately $350 won't even put a scratch, let alone a dent, in this list.

            1. Jointer (Ridgid or Grizzly G0452)
            2. Planer (Ridgid or DeWalt DW734 or DW735)
            3. Dust Collector (Harbor Freight has a good one for not a lot of money.)
            4. Random Orbital Sander (Pick a color you like)
            5. Jigsaw (Bosch 1587 or 1590 or Freud FJ85)
            6. CMS or SCMS (Just about any make except Craftsman, Ryobi Or Ridgid)
            7. Drill Press (Check out Harbor Freight. Once you have one, it'll surprise you how often you use it.)

            I haven't even touched on after market accessories like saw blades, router bits, miter gauges, drill bits, router tables, and safety equipment to name just a few.
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              Re: Need Next Tool Recomendation


              Since you have a router, scrap the idea of getting a dedicated biscuit joiner and get a biscuit slot cutting bit. That'll run you about $30-40 and barely takes up any storage space. It's a piece of cake to use, and once it's setup you can cut a ton of biscuit slots in no time. There now, one item off your list. ;-)

              Not too long ago Woodcraft had a decent sale on Bessey 4" Tradesmen clamps which was buy two get one free (e.g. $12 for 3 clamps). I think it was originally in their March sales flyer. I love these little suckers and recently doubled my inventory of them (now I have a dozen). Two weeks ago I asked, and then pushed, and they honored their previous sales price, since I was buying some other stuff that day.

              Anyway, acquire just enough clamps for your needs now, plus one or two. I find I use my small ones the most, my Irwin 12" Quick Grips the second most, and the 24-50" ones very rarely. I've acquired the clamps I have over the course of about a year. One thing that may sway your buying approach is the new Bessey K-clamp extenders. You can now use two of your 24" Besseys (or Woodcraft's versions) and create a 40" usable clamp. So there's little justification to spend lots of money on the rarely used big clamps. Focus on getting some good small ones, a few medium sized, and get the big ones as you need them.

              A drill press is nice to have, but definitely not a necessity IMO. Same goes for a router lift.

              A router table, however, is eminently useful.

              So, my advice would be:
              a) jig saw (if you can't cut it, you can't build it)
              b) clamps (after you cut it, you need these to build it)
              c) router table (you need this to do a lot of things, including joinery)

              That'll probably blow your whole $350. If you have anything leftover, I'd recommend a random orbital sander. The DeWalt 5" is about $70 at HD and is a phenomenal machine. If you can't swing the router table, I'd sub the sander. You can always cut and shape with a handheld router.

              The things you have, plus the above, will at least allow you to work on shop projects, as you specified.


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                Re: Need Next Tool Recomendation

                If $350 is about what you have to spend then I would say the Bosch 1590 or 1591 myself (~$150 online). I have the 1590 and love it, however I somewhat wish that I would have bought the 1591. It seems lighter and easier to handle. If you already have a router, like Wood_Junkie said, just get a biscuit slot cutting bit. I know you'd like to have the Ridgid DP, as would I, but I have a little 10" Delta bench mount that hasn't let me down yet ($100) Lowe's. Like Badger Dave said, "once you have one, you'll be surprised as to how much you use it." I would make your own router table extension wing for your TS3650 as many of us have and take the remaining $100 to spend on clamps, bits and other accessories.
                For what it's worth that's my $0.02.
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                  Re: Need Next Tool Recomendation

                  Well, thanks for all the reply's. As far as the $350 goes, its going to be alot higher. Its amazing what people will pay for broken RC cars.
                  I guess the reason why I had the Biscuit Jointer on there is because I used my dads older PC (555 I think, the bigger one) and its not the greatest. Altough I did use it alot in my projects. Now in retrospec, I probally wont use it a whole lot.

                  I thought the drill press for layout of shelve holes. And also forusewith Forstner bits IE cabinent doors.

                  I probally will get a Jigsaw. I am a fan of Milwaukee, although if the Bosch is better I'll get that one.

                  As for clamps I was thinking pipe clamps as some of my projects will be big.

                  As for the router table, this will be a dedicated machine. The table saw will have an outfeed built around it. I have the space for now so no big deal.

                  I guess Badger you are right there are many options. I'll have to think about.


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                    Re: Need Next Tool Recomendation

                    A thought about drill presses

                    For most home shops a bench top drill press can do some great work and save you good money over buying a floor standing model. What you need to do is take some time and think about all the different work you need it to do for you. Would you ever need to have the table more than say 12 inches under the chuck? Look around and price different brands and models. While I personally wouldn't buy the Ridgid, it's because I get into projects that require a Morse taper socket type spindle. I also now and then need slower spindle speeds. On the other hand, for most of my projects even a little 5 speed bench top model would work out fine. This is a machine where you can either buy a lower cost model and later upgrade as necessary, or save up and buy a serious machine when the funds allow. With any shop you'll find the accessories and expendables will run into big money and fast.

                    Put real simple: Don't go wild until you really do have a nice growing money tree in your yard. You can spend $5,000 and still want more.


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                      Re: Need Next Tool Recomendation

                      Porter Cable dovetail jig, or Jet Band Saw.
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