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  • Flip Top at HD now

    Finally saw the Flip Top at one of the area HD today. It was not priced but I wrote down the UPC number and had someone look it up ... $29.97. I did not get the HD SKU but the Ridgid model number is AC9933 and the UPC is 648846002323. Just thought I would pass this on in case anyone was interested.
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    The AC9933 Flip Top Portable Work Support should be available everywhere. You can also order it at



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      Still have not seen it here, and I've checked three different stores. No offense, but I don't plan to buy it sight unseen.


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        I am buying two. One for outfeed and one for crosscut support for long pieces of stock. These things will do nicely in replacing the sawhorses I have set up now.


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          I couldn't figure out why the flip top may work better than a roller. What's the purpose of the pivoting top? Why couldn't it just be flat like an outfeed table?

          - Jimmy


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            This allows the front of the "support" (Flip Top) to tip down below the equipment work surface to allow sagging pieces to hit it and then as the piece is still pushed forwad the top slowly flips flat supporting the piece level with the work surface.

            HD update.....

            Could not find one of these at the South Tulsa store.

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              The advantage of the pivoting top over a roller is the fact that it can catch sagging stock. Say for example you have your roller set up to the height of your table saw and your ripping a sheet of 1/4" plywood. Unless you have the roller very close to the saw, the sheet will sag and hit the roller and either push it or tip it over. The angle top on the flip top can catch stock that is sagging and raise it up until it is level with the saw, which at that point the top levels out to allow the stock to pass over. You can get more info here: and here:

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                Sure Jake, use all your fancy resources and webpages to show me up!
                Every project I start is a gamble.


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                  I ended up getting my two. I love them so far. The surface is very slick and the wood just slides over them and I think they are better than rollers in that regard, since the workpieces can be slid into any direction.