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  • Compliments to Ridgid Parts Online Ordering

    I finally got tired of waiting for Home Depot to have some of the Ridgid Woodworking Accessories that I was looking for in stock.

    I placed the order on Monday and received it this morning. They have all of features that I look for in online ordering: Security, Order Confirmation Email, Order Shipped Email with a tracking number, etc.

    They only thing that I don't like is although the actual order placement is an encrypted, secure site, there is no encryption that protects you username/password and account info when you login to check your order status, maintain your account, etc. This makes me a bit uneasy. Jake, maybe you can mention it to the appropriate parties.

    Anyway, for everyone else that is getting tired of the poor support Home Depot gives the Ridgid Accessories, I would definitely recommend that you take advantage of the online ordering directly from Ridgid.

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    I just finished installing the HercuLift on my RAS1000 and it is great! I don't the RAS as much as some of my other tools so it is tucked away in a corner of the shop. Only problem is that I often need to move it out to work on long pieces of wood. It is so nice to be able to move it around at will.


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      I have ordered several times online, and have been very happy with the timely delivery of the items. The time that sticks in my head the most is when I stocked my shop the scroll saw was no longer available
      after about a month I found one barely used, so I thought. Still in the box and manuals still in the plastic bag. After assembling it on a universal stand and setting it up I turned it on to hear a terrable hammering sound. It was the motor itself. I called Emerson, and told the customer service person I bought it used and hadn't registered it yet, she pulled my file up. She said OH, I see you have 10 machines registered! She then promptly said...
      I will get you a new motor in the mail today. This was monday afternoon. Wednesday afternoon I had an operating scroll saw!
      Not even so much as a penny of shipping either.
      With service like this, people still wonder why my shop looks like a Ridgid Display?
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        I had the same experience with my first Ridgid Tool: RS1000. I bought it slightly used from a friend, used it a few times, and the motor would not run correctly. I had a new motor completely free of charge in 2 days. That is why despite my frustrations with and complaints about the Ridgid and Home Depot relationship, I am reluctant to change. Any company that stands behind their products like that must know that they are well made.