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Got the riser block in!

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  • Got the riser block in!

    The riser block showed up. And because one of you had already commented on the new grizzley guide bar being too small for the Ridgid, I tryed that first. Sure as shooting, it's too small. Don't know what it will cost to have a new one made, but I guess the machine shop will tell me. Just for thought though, do any of you know if Ridgid sells just the steel bar alone? I doubt it, but someone out there may have already made that call from hell and got the answer. (if you what parts, press 1, if you want customer sevice, press 666)
    And thanks to the one who advised about that little bearing that pops out (Chiz). I wasnt too sure what you was talking about, so I held my hand under the bar as I slid the old one out. And yep, that little bugger shot right out. If I hadnt had my hand there, I would have been the indian finding buffalo. This wood form sure helps a guy out. Well, I have the top wheel up and after I align the two wheels up, I will check on that bar. Thanks guys, your advise sure helped.

    Up date: I just found some solid steel bar out by the horse corrals and with a cleaning up, it slides right in there. Now just a little paint to match, it should work. It wont have the groove running down it, but geeeee.
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