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New 3650 Owner, First Impressions on Setup

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  • New 3650 Owner, First Impressions on Setup

    Got the box unloaded from the truck last night, not too bad to load into the garage with my dolly.

    I tell ya, I've never owned a Rigid tool before, even the old line, but the new manual, packing, and instructions are top notch, better than any Delta, Ryobi, or Craftsman product I own, although those are very well done as well. I'm about half way done with assembly after only an hr and a half, including unpacking. Base is complete, saw is mounted, wings attached ... Havn't done the lift mechanism yet, the motor, or the fence .. but appears to be easy enough.

    Instructions are very smooth, diagramed, and they almost over instruct how to put things together. I had already done one step and the next step that I was to get to was finishing up that step .. LOL.

    I tell ya, the packing was incredible. Every piece of machinery or anything I've ever had to put together, never had the nuts, bolts, or anythign else labeled. They would be separated in little baggies, but never labeled. Rigid shrink wrapped a package together for all of their nuts and bolts and small parts, labeled each shrink wrapped section, and had a little perforated tab out of the back to open only the part that you needed and keep everything else nice and neat. I thought that was amazing. Great job Rigid!

    Only problem I've found so far is setting up the extension wings .. The bolt holes on the extention wings for the fence don't match the pictures, but I noticed that doesn't matter because the fence is attached via T-slots ..

    Now I can't wait to hear the thing hummm .. Hoping I get final assembly done tonight ..

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    Got my 3650 this weekend, and so far so good...

    Yep, the instructions for the front guide rail are visually a little off...the only reason I noticed is because it said to use 4 bolts, instead of all 5. I have a bolt left over *grin*

    Also, the packaging for the bolts & nuts is great. It would have been a grand-slam if they had labeled each set with a letter, and referred to that same letter in the assembly instructions.

    I saw mention in the manual to a zero-clearance insert plate, but there was not one in the box. Is there supposed to be one?

    Have fun everyone,



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      I didn't have a zero clearance plate either .. I havn't seen mention too it yet ... I've gotten to the point of attaching the mobile base, base is all put together, got to attach it to the saw ...

      Ditto on wish they used letter references to nuts and bolts too ..

      Still so far so good ...

      Got to use my new jorgies to align the wings to the saw top .. used them instead of C-Clamps, jorgies rock!


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        I was one of those who had jorgies pulled out of my shopping cart during the party last week on

        So I used c-clamps with little hardboard shims between top of clamp and the iron...the crack pulled right into line.