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  • Riser block

    Someone posted a site awhile back that explains how to tune up the BS. I got the riser block in, but the new blade runs on the FRONT edge of the BOTTOM wheel. It runs true on the crown on the top. So if I'm think right, I either need to jimmy the riser block further to the back (away from the front) orrrr what? I knew I took tonight off from work for a reason.

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    Re: Riser block

    I found the problem. I'm up and running. Was cutting bread size slices off a 10'' log when the wife came out. She said I should get the stupid grin off my face. I also rebalenced the top wheel. I didnt like the idea of drilling holes, so I took anothers advise and after finding the heavy side, I wrapped copper wire around the spoke at the oppiset end. Worked real good.