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  • Table saw decisions

    I have read many of the topics and messages on this forum and was looking for just a little more input. I am ready to trade in my Craftsman 10" benchtop table saw for a real table saw. A cabinet saw would be awesome the sticker price scares the wallet. Rears and Doebuck has some saws with bells and whistles that appear nice but the Kraftsman power tools don't get a very high rating in this forum. The one on sale has a 24/12 cut with the wheels, bag and built in router table. HD has sold all of their old Ridgid and plan to have the new models in next week... but the saleman did not know what models or details (I assume the TS 3650 would be one of them). Today I ran by a local contractors tool store and looked at the delta and Jet table saws. The inexpensive Jet (JWTS-10JF/708301K) was about $549 but had only stamped steel extensions. They had a jet that was between the cabinet and a leg stander but that was about $850. Next week they are having %10 off of their saws. I want a saw that will last me a long time with minimal issues. I don't want a sloppy miter gauge, I want a fence that does not have to be squared each time I move it. I am not a professional woodworker but want a saw that will handle what I throw at it. Main purpose?? Cabinetry and some furniture type stuff.

    Any thoughts ? Stay away from Kraft Man? Wait to see if HD has their Ridgid saws on sale? Drop both and get the jet with few options but better quality (they also have lifetime warranty now).

    Thanks for your help and I appreciate any input.

    \"It is better to be careful 100 times than killed once\"<br />Mark Twain

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    My money says Jet is your best bet....saw trhe new Ridgid miter saws today in Plano, TX...see the new post for details....
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      Delta contractor's saws have better motors than Jet, in my opinion. Both pretty good machines. I prefer Ridgid's iron blade cradle assembly to the rod system that both Delta and Jet use, however. The new Ridgid machines are a complete unknown item, I avoid recommending any brand new machine, giving them a year or so to shake out any problems.

      If you liked the Jet Supersaw that you saw, try to get a look at DeWalt's DW746. Supersaw is a copy of this machine, the Jet is still in my shake out problems stage.

      I don't know and therefore don't recommend Craftsman saws. I've had less than pleasant dealings with Sears on a different stationary tool.

      You wrote: I don't want a sloppy miter gauge

      Give up on this one. If you spend a couple grand for a Powermatic cabinet saw, you still don't get a good miter gauge. Five thou plus for a Euro saw will get you a pretty good unit.

      Factor the cost of a nice aftermarket miter gauge into the price of the machine, just like you do the blade.



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        Since you seem to be looking in the $500 - $850 range, what about the well respected Grizzly 1023 for around the $860 mark delivered?

        Moves you straight into the cabinet saw segment for only a small amount more than the Jet & Delta.



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          Just a thought, I would track down all the HDs for a 100 miles out and see if I could score a 3612 at discount. The Jet didn't impress me when I was shopping, I would drive for a Ridgid for that $469. price.
          I cannot comment on other brands, but I bought a 2424LS over Craftsman and Jet, and the benchtops from everyone else didn't compare. HTH
          \"Is it Friday yet?\"


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            best you listen to ol' Arbuckle.Far less biased and
            more open minded.Been ww'ing myself for 30+ years and Arbuckle still educates me. mostly a "lurker and learner." I have observed "Mr.Hanna" loves JET and
            comes to the forum to BASH Ridgid. I've had a 2412,
            gave to my son and bought 3612 when they first came out. No Problems with either to date.Some seem to be convinced that the motors are not totally enclosed.
            The old Craftsman never had'em.Does anybody have REAL proof that they were fire hazards.I have not even seen any lawsuits filed.And lawyers would not have missed this chance.Anyhoo for the money Ridgid
            is a good deal and usually close by.


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              Thanks for all of the great input!! I really wish I could find a 3612 in the area but all of the local HDs are out. That is part of the problem living away from the big city I wish that Western Tool store would have a Jet model between their cheap one and the cabinet/legstander model. I am hesitant about the 3650 since it has no track history, and the change in tool manufacturers. You can bet that I will be kicking the tires on it this Thursday or Friday. Friday is the sale on the Jets and Deltas so by this weekend I should have a new table saw... just not sure who will make it. The Grizzly looks like a good saw but not sure how mobile it would be in my space challenged garage... it is really tough having a Camaro hobby and a woodworking hobby in a 2 car garage... really need to build that shop

              Miter Gauges... if the originals are garbage which ones are good? I saw one by Woodhaven that uses a brass pin to secure the angles... is that a good model/style to go with? Other suggestions?

              BTW... who is the new manuf of the Ridgid saws?? What kind of history do they have? Thanks again for the time and the thoughts.
              \"It is better to be careful 100 times than killed once\"<br />Mark Twain


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                Miter Gauges...

                I'm partial to Incras, myself. Fact is, all the aftermarket gauges I've seen are pretty decent units. As you would expect, paying more gets more features.



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                  FYI: that Jet model with the stamped steel extensions is on sale at the local chain for $469.
                  I thought I had read somewhere that the first 3650's would have the good Emerson motors on them. This is possible as the motor plant by me still hasn't shut 100% down.
                  The Herc-u-lift sounds tailor made for your garage situation, I would personally take a gamble on the 3650, as I feel the two most important parts on a contractors saw are a good, tight arbor and belt drive. The flat belt on Ridgid was a big point with me, I felt it would be smoother with less slippage.(I think I was right, nice and smooth, passed the nickle test until shutdown) I have no idea if the new model retains these features, I'm glad I bought when I did!
                  Good Luck!
                  \"Is it Friday yet?\"


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                    I should not do this, but my input would be buying a table saw should be a once in a lifetime purchase. Regaurdless of how many years it takes to pay for.

                    Bridgewood from Wilke's Machinery has a trunion built like I tank, so I have read and seen photo's. I have 4 years left of payments on my current shop to get up and going on a 20 year wait to do so. Piece by piece, I have already started research to replace each piece I have.

                    This early in the game in research, (and color does matter to me) I'm looking at the Shop Fox table saw. I won't recommend any brand or model, now or ever again. But I will state what I am looking at in the future. This is not advice, just the direction I'm "looking" into.

                    (Edit) never a contractor saw again, my next will be a cabinet saw.

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                      I have an incra 5000 on my 3612. I could not be happier with the incra miter. The instructions were not very good though.


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                        Most if not all of my tools are based on the same philosophy that Woody has (didn't he say he was leaving the forum ). I buy the best tools I can but right now the difference between a good contractor saw and a good cabinet saw is a pretty penny. That means either getting a contractor saw now or waiting a few years to get the space and dollars for the cabinet saw. Yes, one day I will have that cabinet saw but while I have the car hobby and the wood hobby occupying the same space... things are a little tight That Jet cabinet saw would look awesome in my future shop [img]tongue.gif[/img]

                        I was impressed with the look of the Incras... you definitely can repeat the same settings and not worry about the slop found in the typical saw miter gauge. You would think for a few more pennies they could build something that would atleast hold the setting while using it

                        Tomorrow is suppose to be the unveiling of the new Ridgids at HD. I am looking forward to checking out what they look like and then decide if it is time to throw away my elder Craftsman Benchtop saw for a real Table Saw or wait for more reports from the field.

                        Again, I appreciate all of the input. As a side note... Orange is not that bad a color (no flaming posts please!!). My latest 1969 SS Camaro project was Orange and White and the colors for Oregon State are Orange and Black... it kind of grows on you, just like the moss around here
                        \"It is better to be careful 100 times than killed once\"<br />Mark Twain


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                          I'll tell you----I think we all (except those who have one already) dream of a cabinet saw someday. But, a good contractors' saw with good fence and miter gauge, will do the right job for many years to come.

                          I don't think you'd go wrong with a 3612 if you can still find one. It was based on a decades-old design of Emerson's and it's proven itself---the 3612 is just a vastly improved version of what they used to make for Sears. However, since the 3650 has broken away from that design---guess you're own your own!


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                            If your able to find one at the advertised version of $469, a popular combination that I've seen around here is the 3612 used with a Incra 1000SE miter gauge. With the price break on the saw, you can probably get both for much less as some of us did on just the saw itself.

                            Another thing you want to consider is a good combination blade. I won't delve into this, but you can't go wrong with Freud as far as a good valued product. The Forrest WWII is also mentioned alot and I use one and like it, but it's a little more "cake$$$". Without specific recommendations, keep this in mind as you explore the fun, exciting, and sometimes biased saw purchasing journey.

                            Have fun with it and Good Luck
                            Patrick<br /><br />


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                              Why do you guys prefer a cabinet saw to a contractor saw? Is it just looks or some practical purpose? Just curious. Thanks!