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  • 2424 fence upgrade

    A neighbor gave my son-in-law his Ridgid 2424 saw when he upgraded to a cabinet saw. The only problem is, he had Incra rails on it and didn't keep the original Ridgid rails. The saw works great except it has no rails. He did keep the original fence, however.

    Question 1: Since he is going to have to replace the rails anyway will the rails for the 3612 fit? If so, will he need a new fence?

    Question 2: What Ridgid rails/fence combination would you recommend, given the above circumstances, to upgrade his Ridgid saw.

    Thanks for any advice.


    Thanks for any advice you might offer.

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    The 3612 rails WILL NOT FIT the 2424 fence. I like the 2424 rails and fence better than the 3612, personally.

    I would suggest ordering the complete 2424 rail and fence package for $150. Keep the 2nd fence, it comes in handy if and when you ever add router table to the saw.

    If set up properly, making a long rip a 2nd fence can come in mighty handy. View my Tour the Shop Page and scroll down to my table saw. I've used a 2nd rail and fence on my TS and use the 2nd fence as stated above regularly. I can not see why a dual fence option has not been incorperated yet on table saws.
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      For what the OEM fence and rails would cost you, I would look at another after market fence my self. Biesemeyer, Mule, Shop Fox come to mind.
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        Woody gave you good advice, but I would also be tempted to go the aftermarket route if you need a new fence/rails. You can get reconditioned/scratch-and-dent Biesemeyer fences for about what the Ridgid setup would cost if you take a look at Redmond Machinery. I like the fence on my 3612 quite a bit, but if it didn't come with one, I would have looked aftermarket to either a Biesemeyer, Mulecab, Unifence or Incra's microadjustable TSIII fence.