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  • New diet for the 2424

    My #4 son is quite the electrician. He piped a subpanel to the shop I built in the backyard. Since it was easy to get 220 to the saw, I ran a dedicated circuit for it. I misplaced the owner's manual, so I downloaded the necessary page from the website and rewired the motor from 110 (easy; move a couple of wires) WOW!!! What a difference. That dual voltage motor really likes 220. It may be my imagination, but it ramps up to speed quicker(?) and seems to run smoother(?) and definately has more power(?) than on a diet of 110. Jake: I wish the Ridgid bandsaw had the dual voltage motor. I'd buy it instead of the "bear" I'm thinking about. Anyway, if it's available, I recommend a diet of 220 volts for the TS2424.
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    Glad to hear that your TS likes 220v. Your right, you are probably seeing faster ramp-up. Though theoretically you are not making any more HP, due to the sizing of the wire on 220v Vs 120v you are getting the proper voltage to the motor, where as with 120v its likely you had some significant voltage drop over those wires.

    The newest version of the band saw is a dual voltage TEFC motor. It is a BS14001 as opposed to the previous model BS14000. You should see these coming into the stores right now.