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  • supply of veneer

    I am looking at refacing my kitchen cabinets and am looking for any good advice, such as a supplier of venner for this type project, tips and techniques or possible pitfalls.

    Thanks,<br /><br />W. Blake<br /><br />FLATHEADFOOS.COM

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    Sounds like an ambitious project. If it were me I would consider rebuilding the cabinets from new plywood of the type of wood you want. This may actually be cheaper and easier that refacing. You could consider a paint treatment too. If however, you like wood better (I know I do) then consider plywood boxes for the cupboards. You could use partical board with veneer finish but I just hate working with partical board. In any event good luck.


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      Last year I did a small reface job on some the cab's in my garage (for the practice, and also the previous owner did a decopodge with pictures of flowers on the face of the cab's and the frames.) Here is where I purchased my veneer from: Great people to deal with and good prices, shipment was fast and packed well.
      I did two different things to cut the veneer. 1st I pulled out the 'ol router and with a flush trim bit trimmed some of the edges. 2nd thing was i bought at my local Rockler store was a laminate trimmer. Its a little tool that allows you to place razor knife in the goove and slice down while sliding it along the face frame or cab edge.
      Both worked good, but any excuse for me to break out my router is well worth it.
      Just remember to take it slow and do all of your prep work ahead of time.... makes the job smoother.