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Ridgid Warranty changing: Customer Service

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  • Ridgid Warranty changing: Customer Service

    OK: I've been lurking here (and Woodnet) on and off since before Christmas, warming up for my first TS. Heart was set on the 3612 (despite some space issues). I now have Her Majesty's approval and will shortly have the cash.

    Then I tune back in here, only to read of the chaos and information vacuum about the "new" Ridgid. Concerned, with my finger on the trigger and a spot cleared in the garage, I called Ridgid Tool customer service (866-539-1710) and this is what they said:

    There is no connection between Ridgid and Ryobi.
    The warranty is going to a LIMITED THREE years.
    They are "unaware" of any changes in Ridgid's policies.
    Answers on the Forum (which this information fountain did not know they had) are handled by "Customer Support", not "Customer Service", and apparently the two must never communicate.

    This was a bad joke... granted, we have a telephone person at the low end of the corporate food chain, but she did put me on hold twice to check with a "supervisor". They don't know and/or they ain't talking.

    I am bummed. Whatever is going on, it doesn't sound like they're gonna be there for me after this purchase. It doesn't really sound like they're there, NOW. I am truly bummed.

    A BT3100 would take up less room, and I could get a nice router with the savings over a 3612... and now I get the same warranty. I know the BTheads are a crazed cult, but I think I'm slipping away....

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    And the bleeding continues.....
    Hey, can someone help me get that knife out of my back ? Oh.. you have one too ?

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      I cannot and will not comment about Ridgids policies anymore. The three year warranty to match Ryobis probably has more to do with motor failure. Ridgid, like Ryobi before them, is sourcing their motors from Asia from here on out. They will be inferior.
      I will comment that after switching to belt drive with a decent trunnion and arbor, I would not switch back to direct drive for all the cheap motors in China! Er, I meant Tea in China!
      Psst, all the current 3612's were made in Paris TN... Get 'em while they're good?
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        For the record, my 3 month old 3612 says "Built in USA". Legally, I believe there is a difference between "Built in USA" and "Made in USA".
        I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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          BD by golly I think your getting it. Toyota cars are Made In the usa. Ford cars are assembled in the usa. BIG DIFFERENCE. That is what gets me about these guys that always sream BUY AMERICAN. Some of them work at ford and know that the parts are from all over the world, but it is a Ford
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            Just for the record, I'm neither a Ryobi-hater (obviously) nor an American-made-at-any-coster.

            I have nothing against stuff from China. I've been there, I am professionally involved with electronics and plastics from there, and I have seen some very fine products from China (remember when "Made in Japan" meant cheap junk? China is changing, too).

            I have two Ryobi power tools, neither terribly high end, and neither one is "junk". Both are excellent values for the level of duty I give them.

            I like to get the most for money. I buy American when all else is equal, but I wouldn't buy American-made scotch. Some folks have a hard time realizing that American companies stay competitive by outsourcing, and some international companies build here in America, and the modern world is a great honking two-way street.

            Buying quality products from China may support the oppressive regime, but in the long haul it's more effective than a year's production of cruise missiles in undermining what's left of the communistic system. The Chinese people are getting more capitalist every hour. Contrast with N. Korea, shut off from the economic world and stuck in some weird Stalinist time-warp.

            But meanwhile back here at Ridgid we have:
            - a major step back in warranty (life to 3) while the price is staying in place,
            - a decline in service response and support, based on the reports here and elsewhere,
            - a very uncertain future for parts, support, and distribution,
            - and an absolute silence from the company itself. Not to mention some very amateurish smoke-blowing from this "support" number disinfobot.

            THAT's what makes me question this investment. I don't care where the parts are from as long as they're good. I don't care where it was assembled as long as it was done professionally. I would be very happy if it was the USA, but nearly as happy if it was Venus.

            But I would be deeply annoyed if I couldn't get parts, support, or the simple truth, before and after the sale. The warranty thing sends one kind of message, and the evasiveness, another. Whatever transition is underway is not being handled with professionalism, which bodes ill for future product decisions.

            There probably will be some great deals at HD inventory time, though. Thanks for letting me vent.


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              AMEN Mark IV !!!
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                After reading that, I will comment no more on this. Well said!